The Best Facilities for Playing Golf in Gulf Shores


Golf is not just a sport, it’s a feeling. The smell of the fresh greens, the satisfaction of the perfect hits and the fulfillment that comes after finishing a nice game. Gulf shores Golf scenes have been rapidly transforming and has been enriched with continual improvement and developments. One Club Golf Shore Condos have established themselves as one of the leading names in the business.

What is One Club Condo?

One Club Golf Resort are the pioneers of gulf shores golf activities. The resort features a 45 holes golf course which has been newly renovated and curated to meet international standards.

It consists of the best in class facilities for playing golf right outside your residences with different courses designed for all levels of players.

Why One Club Condo?

One Club Condo has been recommended by Gulf Shores Golf experts who describe the place as one of the most affordable golf courses in the entire country. Every inch of the facility speaks of their luxury as a host of exciting services are easily available at your disposal. The resort features temperature-controlled pools, mouthwatering cuisine and various other services offered by their courteous staff.

The endless includes an in-house bar, fitness center, jacuzzi and sauna, tennis courts, golf karts with 24-hour on-site maintenance available. The place is located centrally with easy access to the Foley Beach Express and Interstate 10 highways. The nearby areas include world-class shopping and dining options. The Jack Edwards National Airport and Pensacola International and Mobile Regional Airports are a stone throw’s distance away from the place.

The Golf Club Activities

Every resident of the One condo gulf shores golf Club can avail up to 45 holes to play golf at. There are four sets of Tees that are provided to you which is set against the backdrop of a challenging terrain which features picturesque sand as well as water for your aesthetic pleasure.

The grass path in the golf course entirely features Bermuda grass to form an undulating green fairway and an excellent playing surface accessible all around the year. You can play a game with your buddies or choose the option of taking golfing lessons from professionals.

One Club features lessons from PGA trained Gulf shores Golf professionals which can help you teach the nuances of the game or simply help you improve on the technical aspects of your playing style.

Pack Your Bags and Hop on

Playing Golf is an enriching experience which soothes your sense and provides a sense of relief and comfort. It is also a great way to socialize amongst your new and existing friends over golf. You can choose to spend a weekend at the resort with your family and take back long-lasting memories as there’s something for everyone at One Condos.