Essential Things To Consider When Choosing A Co-Living Space In Hong Kong

Co-Living Space In Hong Kong

You are probably already aware of what co-living is all about. Even in Hong Kong, co-living communities are trendy. If you like the idea of living with like-minded individuals in a single place without having to deal with a lease contract, then you have come to the right place. But before you choose a service apartment hong kong, here is some advice that you can take into consideration.

Know The Cost

Remember that not all co-living spaces charge the same rent. You should know what your budget looks like. Look for a co-living space that would fit your budget. Usually, the fee would include rental for a fully-furnished single or double room. It can consist of an en suite, a shared kitchen and dining areas, and living room spaces. Some co-living spaces have WiFi, laundry services, cleaning, and cooking services, in addition to your rental fee.


If you check online, you will notice that different co-living spaces have various features to make it more convenient for their residents. So you need to find one that resonates with your needs. Entertainment is a plus, but take into consideration the must-haves like the additional amenities included in your rent.

Co-Living Space In Hong Kong

Commuting Options

When choosing a co-living space like the ones offered at the website, pick one that has easy access to public transportation. You are living on a budget so the taxi fare can be expensive. Remember that no matter how amazing the home is, you might end up hating it because of the hours that you have to spend commuting every day.

Co-Living Means Sharing A Lot Of Space

You have to remember that when choosing a co-living environment, you will be sharing a lot of space, except for your bedroom and bathroom. So you must practice CLAYGO or Clean As You Go. Do not be messy. Be considerate to others and know your boundaries. Yes, you are living together on one roof, but you should see the value of respect, and they should do the same to you too.

Co-Working Space

Most co-living communities also offer co-working spaces. The environment is perfect for those who want to work around other people but still have a little bit of privacy in their lives. With the co-working spaces, this will also allow you to access office supplies and equipment without having to purchase one on your own.

One of the great things about co-living communities is that it is very flexible. There’s no long-term lease to deal with, and you can choose whether you stay for a month, a year, or longer. This way, you will be able to gauge the environment and the amenities offered. If you like it, then you can stay longer. If you don’t, then you can leave anytime and find the right co-living space for you.