Choosing The Right Condo Unit For First Time Buyers

Choosing The Right Condo Unit For First Time Buyers

If you want to get the most out of the ‘live-work-play’ lifestyle, then the best option for you when choosing a home is to get a condominium unit. When choosing one, you know that you will have plenty of options because the condo industry is becoming more and more competitive. This kind of lifestyle is very much preferred of first time home buyers, especially of those looking for an affordable home that comes with top of the line amenities.

If you are interested to buy a condominium unit at One Pearl Bank, here’s a checklist that can help you achieve a successful transaction:

Make Sure You Have The Budget

Buying a condo can be an exciting process, but if this is your first time, ensure that you have enough budget. Check your financial capacity first. Remember that the cost of getting a condo is different from the cost you need to maintain and keep it. This means that aside from the mortgage that you have to pay every money to your lender, there will be dues, utilities, and even realty taxes that you have to take care of. So before you buy a condo, make sure that you are financially ready for all the future expenses.

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Determine The Location

When buying a home, you should choose the place that would be perfect for your lifestyle. You should also consider the security of the neighborhood, the traffic, as well as its proximity to your office or workplace, shopping malls, school, and to your family and friends. This is important especially if you are looking for a condo for a long-term investment. Your condominiums’ location will affect a lot of aspects of your daily routine as well as its future value.

Type Of Condo

Once you already have the budget and the location, another important factor to take into consideration is the type of condo that will be best for your immediate needs. There are preselling, ready for occupancy (RFO), high-rise, and low-rise. Condos like the ones from One Pearl Bank Capitaland are preselling types because they are sold before completion or while construction is going on. Understand your needs in order to determine your preferred condo type.

Choose Developer and Agent

When shopping for a condo, the property developer that you consider should have a solid reputation. Also, make sure that the agent that you are negotiating with is licensed. No matter where you are from unlicensed brokers are very common, especially in the real estate industry. So before you deal with or make a transaction, request for your agent’s license. Better yet, do a background check. Use the internet to your advantage.

Open House And Unit Viewing

The best way to get the real ‘feel’ of the unit is to see it for yourself. Most property developers hold open house visits and unit viewing. Check out these schedules to make sure that you are there for you to see the property before you agree to purchase it.

Now that you know how to choose the right condominium unit for you, go ahead and get in touch with One Pearl Bank today and find out their condominium unit offers for you. You can also check this information online for easy research in your part.