4-room HDB Flat For Sale In Jurong West With Excellent Locality And Amenities


Jurong West belongs to the western side of Singapore which is a pretty large town. This town used to typically have lower hilly areas and huge thick jungles. Back in the 1960s, the government went ahead to deal with the swamp and filled it with land removing all the hills and building an industrial area with housing properties.

In the 1970s, the developments of housing peaked when other estates like Boon Lay, Hong Kah, TamanJurong formed the new town of Jurong West. In the past years, anticipation has been that the lake district of Jurong is going to develop in coming years with a great community to live and work in. 


Jurong West is a locality that is home to almost 259,600 HDB residents staying there with 70,323 flats in the town. It has 9 sub-zones altogether. Well-known Singapore’s second-best university is also situated at Nanyang Avenue, the Nanyang Technological university. Moreover, there is a great place to chill nearby both for residents and students which is Jurong Point, one of the largest malls in Singapore.

HDB guide

Most of the people in Singapore own than rent a house. But, for people who can’t afford it, they can rent from Housing and Development Board (HDB) which is quite well known and affordable. There are a lot of flats given in all sizes. The most common one is a 4 room hdb flat for sale in jurong west It is quite a popular one and the total size is about ninety square meters. The features of the room would include a living area with dining, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, one yard, and 1 storeroom. It’s a pretty big place to opt for.


With an open space and upcoming developments, for the sellers to sell is quite easier as the public is always ready to buy a 4-room HDB flat for sale in Jurong West. With great satellite town, they have amazing amenities which include-

  • Sceneries and sports activities- three things that people of the town believe in are work, play, and life. With fresh gardens and parks, it makes it an open space for air to breathe.
  • Education- there are amazing international schools and recreational centers where kids can spend their time and learn good things.


Most of the people in Singapore go for these houses. They are quite impressive in terms of their architecture and also have a great locality.