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Organisms that primarily cause economic damage to property are referred to as pests. Animals that infest people, homes, farm animals, or food need not be viewed solely as pests. In our ecological system, they also have useful properties. However, as soon as they get too close to us, feed on us parasitically, for example, bed bugs or destroy our property, for example, martens, they are referred to as pests, predators, parasites and vermin against which professional measures exterminator must be taken to combat. What all pests have in common is that their infestation causes high costs, repair costs or new acquisition costs. They cause destruction and often also pose a health risk.


Rodents such as rats, mice and voles, which cause damage to their incisor teeth, belong to the group of harmful rodents. Agriculture, horticulture and places where animals are kept and food are processed are particularly affected.

Insects include cockroaches, fleas, bed bugs, silverfish, beetles. Some insects preferentially attack plants and supplies. Others nest in the vicinity of humans because a large number of them serve humans and domestic or farm animals as a source of food. They feed on the blood and skin flakes of their “host”. The origin of the word parasites describes the vermin very well: Latin parasites, derived from the Greek parásitos, means “parasite” and “blackheads”.

Even wasps, pigeons, martens can be termed as pests when their attack and penetration enormous damage thus caused and costs.



 Controlling pests requires a trained eye to spot the right pests. Know whether and how the pest can be controlled and the expertise on which appropriate means should be used for its removal or relocation.Fighting yourself on your own usually means a high, unsuccessful expenditure of time, enormous expenditure and in the worst-case scenario the pests are not eliminated and they are spread to other locations or rooms.

Unauthorized removal usually takes place with commercially available pesticides, based on the various, irritating information that can be found on the Internet. However, many of the commercially available agents do not offer 100% protection and may only be effective in combination. To avoid a health risk for adults, children and pets, the use of poison should only be carried out by a specialist.

Do you have an acute pest problem privately or commercially?

Only the pest controller knows the peculiarities of each infestation from his practice. Only an expert can give you professional advice and reliably select the right measures and means for the property and the individual user. Only the specialist has the necessary material and equipment to successfully eliminate the pests in the long term.