Basic ideas about coffee bean grinder


A coffee bean grinder is required for coffee preparation. This method includes four basic stages; roasting of raw coffee beans, grinding of those roasted beans, ground coffee mixed with hot water, and finally, separates the liquid beverage from the used ground beans. If you are a coffee enthusiast or a coffee geek you must prefer the brewing process done by yourself or by an expert barista. A coffee bean grinder is necessary to facilitate the brewing process.

Different types of brewing process are there according to the variant making process. It can be the finest as well as some coarseness may be present. Different stages of coarseness are also done by the professionals.

Types of coffee grinder:

There are different types of grinders are available providing different facilities and different stages of coarseness. They can also be distinguished by the mechanism of grinding. The basic types are:

  • Blade grinder: This is the inexpensive grinder comes with the sharp grinding blades in the inner chamber which rotates to dice the coffee beans. It is generally powered by an electric motor. Basically, it is a regular grinder which can make powder from the roasted coffee beans. Since the blades are rotating at very high speed, there is a chance to burn the beans. You cannot grind continuous more than 20 seconds. It provides the best result while grinding 3 ounces of coffee beans at a time.
  • Burr grinder: these types of hand grinders are a bit expensive than the blade grinders. They produce a satisfactory consistent aggregate from the finest state to some existing coarseness. There is no chance of burning the beans. It adjusts the interior walls of the grinder according to the scale of fineness. It acts a bit slower than other variants. They are electrically powered grinders.
  • Manual grinder: these types of grinders use the mechanism of the burr grinders. As the name suggests, you have to rotate the burrs by your own hand cranking a lever on the machine. It is not an electrically powered grinder. It is not as fast as the burr grinders are.
  • Disc and conical grinder: the most precise grinding is performed by this variant. These types of grinders are consists of grooves which are cut into the discs. While grinding, the coffee beans are placed in between the two cones, whereas one disc rotating another one remains stationary. Since the grooves have sharp edges, the beans are pieced and produce the most consistent grounded coffee beans. These are quite expensive because they are high-end coffee grinders. These are normally used for the commercial and an expert barista can justify its usage.

It is not recommended that grinding flavored coffee in the same grinder that is already used for straight coffee. While grinding the flavored coffee, the flavor extracts remain coating on the disc, the inside walls or the blades of the disc, burr grinder or the blade grinder. That is almost impossible to remove from the coffee bean grinder. This flavor coats will hamper the taste of the straight coffee.

Keeping all these in your mind you can now start the brewing process by yourself using your own coffee grinder. You can find different variants of grinders among which burr grinders are considered to be the best in the scale of grinding. Also, you have to check the material and durability of the machine while buying your own grinder.