Interior home cleaning with best cleaners


In modern times, because the hectic everyday life most people have very little free time to devote to themselves and their families. In the search of a way to provide some more free time to relax enjoying a good book or a favorite TV show, I’m sharing with you my latest findings. Turns out, you can save yourself hours of hovering, dusting, scrubbing and wiping if you just follow some basic principles in the designing and furnishing of your home. Let me share with you some extremely smart ideas and principles for creating an easy-clean home environment:


When it comes to cleaning, the first thing which gets dirty is the floor. Carpets collect dust, soil, and have to be washed frequently especially if there are animals living in the house. The professional cleaners at Pure Blue – a London based cleaning company – claim that carpets have to be regularly washed or at least vacuumed frequently. The best thing you can opt for is stained concrete with a protective sealer. Tiling is the second choice but the grouts between tiles have to be pressure washed from time to time. With the stained concrete, all you have to do is a quick sweep and mop and you’ll enjoy a shining floor. Hardwood and laminate floors are also a good option; the only peculiarity about them is that spills have to be cleaned immediately to avoid damages.


He more simple and clean is the design of your furniture; the easier it will be to clean it. Ornamented cupboards are cleaned harder compared to more simple designed ones. Also, choose pieces of furniture with cabinet doors. On one hand, they make a room appear more elegant since all items and knick-knacks are hidden, on the other hand doors do not allow the inside to cover with dust which otherwise have to be cleaned very often.


The fewer, the better! It is a major rule when you seek for an easy to maintain environment at home. The less items you have, the less dust will be collected which means less wiping and tidying. Cluttered rooms assemble much more dust, microbes and require much more time to be cleaned, than sleekly designed interiors with only a few items on the shelving.

Final Tip

The technical devices you have at home, especially large TVs, flat screens and monitors, are a real magnet for dust because of the electricity running through them. Moreover, the screens are usually covered with fingerprints which we have to clean every other day. Consider choosing built in appliances or at least minimize their quantity. To me, personally, a built in flat screen TV looks way more elegant than an exposed one.