Cleaning Guide For Your Sheer Shades

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Sheer shades have grown in popularity over the past 10 years. They have become one of the “go to” window treatments when one wants to “dress up” their window in a stylish, elegant manner. These are the ideal solution for homeowners who want to let in as much warmth and sunlight as possible, but also increase privacy and security in their homes.

While their design can add an elegant and beautiful touch to any room in your home, sheer shades in New York attract dust and dirt just like other shades. This means they require regular cleaning to look their best at all times. Sheer is one of the most lightweight, gentle fabrics and it is extremely essential to take care of it the right way. In order to create their clean, fancy look, delicate fabrics are used.

Shades New York

Here are some tips and tricks for you to keep your sheer shades clean and perfect:

  • Determine how much cleaning your shades need by inspecting them: The cleaning approach you take with your sheer shades depends on how thoroughly they need to be cleaned. Shades with a light coating of dust, pollen, dirt or other debris may only require a superficial cleaning. On the other hand, shades that are stained or covered in a heavy accumulation of debris require more intensive cleaning.
  • Read the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions and warnings: Because the fabric on sheer shades is so delicate, it is important to follow all cleaning and care instructions in order to avoid possibly damaging it. Certain types of fabric may easily rip or become frayed due to normal cleaning motions and even light rubbing. Thus, it is important to always consult the manufacturer’s recommendations before manually spot-cleaning. Additionally, pay close attention to any warnings about using soaps and detergents, even mild ones, before putting them on the fabric. Certain fabrics may become permanently stained with exposure to even small amounts of water and soap. To find the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions, check the original packing for the shades, consult the manufacturer’s website or check for a tag on the fabric.
  • Cleaning tools: When cleaning your sheer shades, the most crucial rule is to use the lightest and softest material to dust. Using a feather duster or swiffer duster is the most ideal. In case these products are not available, there are other options as well. Another product that can be used to clean the shade is your vacuum. However, it must be used the right way. This means, first, setting your machine to a low power, and second, instead of using the standard brush attachment, use a sock to put over the vacuum tube. Any of these methods will be the best to keep your sheer shades clean and elegant.