Consider the benefits of basement reconstruction


If you are one of the many owners who need more space to live before you decide to make an “addition,” you can consider the basement. Sometimes it is more profitable. Less trauma to the existing yard, elimination of moisture that threatens the foundations, floors and floors, as well as greater heating / cooling efficiency: these are some of the advantages of basement reconstruction. On the other hand, not converting a basement can be a nightmare, but with proper planning, the chances of success are almost guaranteed.

Before completing a project

There are some things to keep in mind before making repairs in the basement. Will you have enough headroom? Not all basements were built with a standard or high ceiling. If you need water lines, how will this be resolved? If you have heat pipes, water lines, power lines or support brackets, can you integrate them into the plan for your satisfaction? Most of these obstacles are not a problem for an experienced reconstruction contractor. But no contractor is suitable; You must find a specialist in this field.

Plan writing

Even the smallest of projects are more likely to succeed with a good plan. Decide what you want to do with the extra space before starting. A restored basement can be used for many things, so consider all the options that can take effect later. For example, this additional room may be ideal for a family room, but later you may want to convert it into an office or even a small separate apartment. Therefore, you should consider installing a small bathroom area and possibly a kitchen. But try to see the possible changes you want to make and try to plan them now. This can save you from headaches and money later. You should also consider the amount of work you can do yourself, which can reduce the cost. In some areas of the project, such as foundation / construction problems, wiring, waterproofing and possibly difficult plumbing situations, if you have no experience, it is best left in the hands of a professional.


Because basements are susceptible to moisture, waterproofing is an important element in the overall success of basement renovations. It will avoid future problems and repairs if you deal diligently with this problem at the beginning of the project. Do not take shortcuts or temporary measures at this stage of the project. Consult a professional and do it well so that you no longer have to deal with this later.

Remember that good planning will guarantee successful results and a good space that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.