Acrylic paint Hacks to make your old house stuff look new


Acrylic paint colors are one of the best choices for a painter. They use it to draw their imaginations on canvas. Acrylic paint can be used on different types of surface. In our house, there are many things which have faded its textures and color. Normally what we do is that we either throw them away or keep them at dark. Acrylic paints can help to revive that old stuff and make them new. Here is the common household stuff on which Best acrylic paint brand when used it makes them new.

Old Photo Frames: Everyone has a photo frame which makes a photo to look outstanding. But eventually, with time, they lose their looks. When the frame fades then it makes the photo to lose its magical moments. Use the Best acrylic paint brand to outline the corners and paint it well. Within few minutes working on the frame, the glow comes back. A good frame is hard to find and with acrylic paint, anyone can make their frames to remain new.


Wooden table, chair, and counters: The scratches on wooden chairs or table make a person to start with a paint job. The painting work in one chair means, all the other wooden stuff has to be painted. With acrylic paint, the right color according to the wooden color can be created easily. Where there are scratches just apply on those places. The color will take few days to be absorbed fully on a wooden surface. The time is worth a wait and it takes only a few minutes to cover the scratches.

Plastic and clay statue or toys: Whether you are big or small there are old or new plastic or clay stuff that loses their colors. There are many related memories intact with them. It becomes hard to throw or change them. Use the acrylic paint here and with light shades catching each corner color them. It will take a little longer depending upon the type of coloring that has to be done. But once it is completed then all the memories will come alive.

Coffee mug creativity: Coffee mugs are one of the favorite things to hold in the morning. Normally a person buys a coffee mug when they are broken or it has faded. Well, the broken ones are of no use. The faded ones are kept aside which takes usual place. Now with the use of acrylic paint, you can bring the charm of those mugs back. Before applying the paint give a good wash to them. You can either paint the whole mug or just outline the lines. This can also be done with plain mugs. The creativity is just applied on how much a person thinks about it. There are waterproof acrylic paints available.

Old plastic plate drawings: All the plastic plates that are broken or got old bring them out. Wipe them good and bring out the artistic flow in yourself. Old plates look fabulous hanging on walls or kept as a show piece. For drawing on a plate you don’t have to be a painter. Just outline using pencil and draw whatever you like.