what cleaning services do we offer?

what cleaning services do we offer?

Thanks to the means at our disposal and highly competent staff, we carry out industrial cleaning services for environments of all sizes  and in any  sector . We carry out first cleaning services and extraordinary cleaning interventions  .

We carry out  industrial cleaning , both ordinary and extraordinary, always in full compliance  with safety regulations and waste disposal methods.

We offer a wide range of services for cleaning and sanitizing all living spaces and common areas, both internal and external. The  cleaning of condominiums that we perform is scheduled and periodic, essential to guarantee a healthy and safe environment for all users regular house cleaning in singapore.

Our special services include: cleaning of photovoltaic systems, sanitizing of air channels, disinfestation, anti-stain treatments, washing of carpets, rugs, sofas and much more.

We are also able to intervene in technical environments with particularly specific interventions. In fact, we have the latest generation machinery that allows the execution of special interventions even in schools, gyms, warehouses and commercial premises.

regular house cleaning in singapore

We plan our company cleaning interventions after an inspection to foresee the right use of means and personnel, in order to optimize timing and management costs by the customer.

We study staff intervention times in a completely  personalized way so as not to disturb work activities. Our technicians always work with maximum flexibility: if necessary we also intervene on holidays and night hours.

Cleaning the external spaces of a house by the sea: how to eliminate the saltiness

When thinking about how to clean a beach house, special attention should be paid to the outdoor areas . Railings and fixtures, for example, are particularly subject to greater wear than other artifacts, due to salt, wind and sand . Salt, in particular, can penetrate into materials and cause them to deteriorate over time. So let’s find out how to remove it and how to take care of outdoor spaces.

Clean the salt deposits from the fixtures

First of all, it is important to check the state of the fixtures, as well as of doors, shutters, windows. We can then remove any traces of sand using a compressor and check for possible white salt spots . If they are present, you can try to remove these deposits using a mixture of hot water and degreaser to be wiped with a soft sponge, and then remove traces of detergent with a damp cloth. For wooden frames, however, it is better to use a specific detergent for parquet.