What are the Best Rat Poisons for Indoor usage?


A rat belongs to the species rodent. Many drugs before coming into the market they are verified on rats. According to national human genome research institute it is said that rat and mice has same inherently, biological similarity to humans.

Rats are injurious to be at home because rats transmit diseases and also they contaminate food in home. Not only that with that the urine of rat is also dangerous for transmitting disease. Let us discuss about the best rat poison for indoor use.  

There are many ways to kill Rats below are some of the types to kill indoor

Rodent traps.

  • Glue boards.
  • Live traps
  • Snap traps

Rodent baits

  • Baiting traps
  • Rodenticides
  • Bait stations


Rodenticides mean a poison to kill rats. There are many rat poisons used but here are top best 10 poisons recorded in the year 2020.they are:

Mouse and rat bars:

 Just one bite bar:

  • In a single feed rats and mice kills instantly. It kills rats after four days. This makes the rat irresistible.
  • It is manufactured with seal for protection. Rats like the taste of this poison.
  • The ingredients of this product are Anticoagulant bromadioline.
  • If they develop resistance for this poison for any other poison the rats will not die. We need to break the poison into pieces before placing them to kill the rats.

Tom cats all weather bait chunx:

  • Wild cats are resistant to this poison. For all remaining breed of cats this would be a perfect choice.
  • As the name says it is works efficiently in all weathers. Ingredient of the poison is bromadioline.
  • Bromadioline is an anticoagulant and causes internal haemorrhage in rats. Brodifacoum is another rodenticide is very much more dangerous than Bromadioline.
  • We can place this chunks outside the house, on walls, garage etc. Very powerful in all weathers.
  • Few rats die on the same day and some more others take a week to die based on the resistance of rats.
  • Comparatively these are better than rat traps. Rat doesn’t come again for a long time.
  • The main drawback of this is few rats may not die, because by seeing other rats eating and dying they don’t eat them.

 Havoc mouse and rat killer:

  • They are packed in small sachets
  • Easy to handle while placing fir rats. The active ingredient is Brodifacoum.
  • Best place to place it is behind wall, we can also drop it in holes.
  • NEOGEN rodenticide of havoc is said to be the most powerful one and can also kill giant rodents which doesn’t go away that easily.
  • This is most effective poison and rats will be killed after one feed only.no need to open them at all.
  • It is harmful for humans and very dangerous if they consume it.