Short stay serviced apartment Singapore

short stay serviced apartment

Short stay serviced apartments are the new trend, which has been adopted by many business and leisure travelers, not only in Singapore but also around the world. These apartments are well furnished but with an extra advantage as they provide the hotel-like services. However, finding and booking these apartments may be a hectic job, and that is why you have to worry no more. St Residences in Singapore is there to get you sorted with best short stay serviced apartment Singapore.

Why Book with St Residences

This is the best place to check in first if you are a business or even a luxury traveler in Singapore. It has been tested and confirmed by many of their critics, who have visited and reviewed them. Evaluating them as the perfect choice for all.  They are dedicated and well established in ensuring their clients are satisfied and more so, being the best matchmaker. Making you reach the best apartments which suit your preferences.

short stay serviced apartment

This is the best-serviced apartment rental online company, which boasts of outstanding abilities. They will help you find best-serviced apartments in the CBD, Westside, Central, and also Eastside, so with them, you will be sorted appropriately while visiting Singapore.

Services Provided

You don’t need to be stranded with a place to stay when you have that hot deal on the table. These apartments are well serviced, with pocket-friendly pricing, which has enabled many clients and cooperates work with them. In fewer words, they offer the best deal of life, as you will not need to waste time online searching. They help make your apartment renting a stress-free experience where all your needs are taken care of by dedicated and qualified specialists.

Do not worry about the time you will spend in Singapore, as you can live as long as you want. The agency will make you choose your bouquet, which is either short-lived or long-lived stays. Something, which is quite amazing with this agency is that it has worked with big corporates around the world, good examples being, Airbus, Ernest &Young and also Rio Tinto. Is this not a hundred percent testimonies of how these apartments are fascinating and amazing?

Many travels are tiresome, and you will need to get a place where you can call home, even though home away for home. The apartments are well furnished with a cable TV, fast internet, and even more, they have gyms, outdoor BBQ and pools — things which will complete your visits to Singapore in style.


Life is fantastic, and nothing wild make it fabulous without making the right choices. St Residences is the right choices you can ever do to your experience while you are visiting Singapore. Contact them in their online page, and be able to be matched with your best match apartment around the locations named above. You do not need to pass through the stresses and conning from the internet again. Contact them and enjoy that travel, being it a business or a luxury trip.