Selling Online in Three Dimensions


The Internet is swallowing just about every form of communication that has preceded it. Commerce has become e-commerce. Brick and mortar stores are closing all over the world. So many retail jobs are moving from storefronts into warehouses where they work for online businesses. Due to taxes, overhead expenses, and some other loopholes, online businesses can usually offer products at a lower rate than their brick and mortar competitors. However, there’s one thing an online business cannot offer: three-dimensional experiences.

Three-Dimensional Experience

When you walk into a store, you are in a space surrounded by all of the products. If you’re looking to buy a couch, you want to be able to see how the couch fills the space and how it looks. You can do that if you walk into a store, but such a task is difficult to do if you are buying online. Therefore, your customers are likely to prefer buying from a brick and mortar store for items that take up space. If you are trying to compete with those brick and mortars, what do you do for items that take up space? You need to make your online store three-dimensional.

Make It 3D

Making your office or storefront 3D is actually very simple for you. It’s a complex task for the experts in 3D rendering services in Manchester. All you need to do is to get in touch with a quality firm that renders spaces into 3D. There are basically two different options for 3D rendering. You can choose to have an actual physical space rendered in 3D, or you can have a virtual space created using CGI technology.

Choosing a Firm

The firm you choose for your rendering is obviously going to be of the utmost importance, especially if you are creating a CGI rendering. You want it to look like a believable room, not a cartoon, and for that you’ll need quality rendering. Furthermore, you’ll need a diversity of services. Just rendering one room might be enough for you, but many customers need more than just that.

Walkthroughs are virtual walks through a room or a series of rooms. They allow you to move through the 3D space as if you were actually present. Exterior rendering is important as well. If you are going to give someone a full view of a space, it can be helpful to see the outside as well. That will inform customers on how it looks from the street. Furthermore, there is sometimes a need for a 3D product rendering.

Rendering a product in 3D is very helpful for products like those mentioned at the beginning that take up space. If you are looking for a coffee table, couch, or some other piece of furniture, you want to be able to see it from all sides. A 3D product rendering will give you that opportunity.

It’s important that you choose a quality firm that can make your products look great from every angle. Choosing such a firm will help you grow your business.