Posters And Wall Art Is The Trending Designs


Whether it is feelings or emotions, thoughts or despair; art has the ability to invoke your emotions, cheer up a bad day or just comfort us with its memories and warmth. Posters & Wall Art are the simplest forms of art that act as the finishing elements to our empty spaces, comfortably concealing the loopholes of our designs and adding the visual weight to our interiors.

The hyped posters

Posters are promotional stunts of upcoming events like workshops, inaugurations or products like cosmetics in public places. They are put up with eye catching contents to lure people to the respective events or shops for mass consumption. They are designed with information as well as graphics as an advertising tool. Apart from its professionaluse, posters of your favoritecelebrities, cartoons or novels can enhance the look of your house showcasing your taste and memories related to them. Recently the most printed posters are that of landscape, travel, cityscapes and vintage posters. With all the fanatics and colors, posters help you bring your craziest ideas to life and give wings to your thoughts and creativity.

The elegant wall art

Wall art is a work of art directly executed on the wall. It is a process of stylizing your walls in accordance with the décor of your room .it is a perfect solution for both small and large places giving it a complete look within minutes .the most common wall decors are hanging mirrors,plates,painting ,inserting shelves ,painting a mural or simply hanging your collection of hats in a stylized order. These are used in order to complement your interior designs and shades. They can be made using waste belongings present in your homes like spoons, threads, single earrings,broken bracelet beads and what not. These textures help in determining the tone of our room and the feeling of their presence.

The choice between a poster and wall art

We all grew up with the posters of our favorite actors or actresses hanging in our rooms. However, recently the fascination of art lovers has shifted from posters to wall arts and hangings. People are finding wall arts to be more qualitative and long lasting. Although both the posters & wall art are seen as a means of pouring one’s heart and vision through colors, designs and graphics; having a wooden frame as a wall art is more elegant than a paper poster. Instead of pasting a huge poster to decorate a wall, one can simply cluster colorful baskets in its place, thus saving money and reusing the household waste.