Important question regarding curtains you did not know answer of

lace curtains

When it comes to buying curtains you need to be certain about something. That is why we are presenting this article to you. Read carefully to be sure while buying your favorite curtain. Click here for lace curtains collection.

What materials for my curtains?

The window coverings complement your decor, while contributing to the feeling of intimacy and security. Without them, a room may seem unfinished. Types of curtains, fabrics, dimensions, colors, patterns, textures and maintenance: here is everything you need to know to choose your curtains.More than just a decorative element, the curtain plays an important role in maintaining your privacy. It will also bring character to the atmosphere of your home. Follow this guide to find the perfect fabric for your curtains. Visit this site for lace curtains collection.

lace curtains

Selection criteria of curtain

There are two types of curtains:

– Blacks: to protect you from prying eyes and to filter the light while you sleep.

– Voiles: to let the light through while preserving your privacy.

When choosing fabrics, take the seasons into account as well. In summer, it is better to opt for sober curtains repelling the radiation while in winter, double thick curtains are recommended. Do not forget to select the material and patterns according to your interior design. In addition to the falling versions, you can easily choose from the blinds that bring an original touch to your home.

What material to adopt?

A wide range of upholstery is currently visible on the market. The choice is generally made on a crush, the practical aspect is not left behind.

– For the blackout, you can choose from thick fabrics such as jacquard, velvet, silk, taffeta, shantung, herringbone cotton or linen.

– For light curtains , opt for stamen, veil or organza.

What colors and what patterns for your curtains?

If you have tall windows, crack for horizontal striped curtains to bring visual breakage. For a low or rather narrow room, the versions with fluted folds and little frowned are preferred. In terms of color, mole, ecru or celadon green are a must. Do not hesitate to adopt patterned fabrics to bring a cocooning atmosphere to a sober piece.

What dimensions of curtains to choose?

It depends. If it is decorative curtains hanging on either side of the window, be sure to arrange the folds regularly. In the presence of motives in particular, the latter will then be repeated in a harmonious way.

In the case of curtains that you want to open and close regularly, a good amount of fabric is essential to obtain flexible and elegant folds when closed.

As a general rule, count a width of curtains equivalent to 2 times the width of the windows, a little less for a heavy fabric like velvet curtains, a little more if it is about curtain.