How to Create a Small Library in Your Home


The lovers of books, have repeatedly been delighted at the sight of those magnificent huge libraries. Imagine if we have a library in our spacious home, where we can perform our favorite activity – reading? We are surrounded on all sides by shelves high up to the ceiling, which are full of all kinds of literature. The next moment we realize that it will be difficult for us to put a whole book treasury in our little apartment. However, this is not a reason to get into dramatic moods. Here at spray foam insulation contractor toronto we are experts when it comes to home improvement.

Select the right place for your reading area

Before you begin building your reading area, it’s important that you choose the right place for it. Perhaps it is that unusable corner in the bedroom, living room, kitchen or even the corridor, and why not your little balcony. Think about there being a zone in your home which for some reason is empty and non-functional. Adding a few bookshelves, a chair, and a reading table to it will make the interior amazing. Keep in mind that you do not have to occupy a significant part of a room. Sometimes only a slightly wider window sill is enough to accommodate your reader’s corner.

Decide how you will set up your reader’s corner

Your special reading room will not occupy an entire room or area, and only a small piece of it. It is not intended to be isolated unless you put it on the balcony. In general, you have two basic options to choose from.

The first is the design of the reader’s corner to correspond to the common room in which it is located. If this is your choice and still want a visual distinction, you can paint the walls in it in a different color or add a specially designed rug, curtains.

A second option is for your reading corner to be in a contrastingly different interior style than the main one. This is a pretty bold trick, but it can give a spectacular result.

Pay attention to the comfort of sitting

Whether it is a chair, a sofa, an armchair, the place where you will sit while reading, should be comfortable. As a book lover, you probably do want to enjoy doing your favorite activity. It is important then that your body does not give negative signals caused by prolonged occupation of an inconvenient posture. So carefully select not only the color and patterns, but also the softness or hardness of the seats and backrests. They may not be permanently placed, but be able to change. This way, if more people use the reading space, they can fit the pillows according to their personal preferences.

How big should it be

First of all, of course, it depends onthe quadrature that your home has and how much of it you can use. Your next decision is how many of your books you want to transfer to your dedicated place.

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