Authentic Reindeer Hides Offer Real Luxury

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Reindeer hide is cosy, all-natural, and multi-purpose. It can be used in numerous beneficial ways in both interior and exterior settings. Authentic reindeer hide is a true luxury item. So you might want to invest in one when you want an unusual, but appealing look for your home. Every reindeer hide we sell at Hide Rugs is a one-of-a-kind product. If you want to add a touch of flair to your home, reindeer hide rugs are the perfect starting point.

Natural and Versatile

Reindeer hides are lovely, decorative items that display the centuries old properties of northern regions. The beautiful pelts add a homespun, warm ambiance wherever you place them, be it in the living room, office or bedroom. They can be used to decorate interior and exterior walls, used as decorative coverings, or even seat heaters for snowmobiles.

During autumn and winter, may people sit outside their home with a hot drink and view the landscape ahead. Reindeer hides make an excellent blanket to wrap around oneself or snuggle under with a loved one while viewing nature. They are also a wonderful item to carry along if you plan on spending your vacation in a cabin. The ways in which you can use a reindeer hide rug are endless.

Comfort and Luxury

Reindeer hides offer both luxury and comfort, because their dense, thick hair is hollow, which makes them incredibly soft. That characteristic also makes the rugs so beautiful when placed over any piece of furniture, such as a sofa.

Hide Rugs

You’ll find that we offer an exceptional collection of reindeer hides suitable for homes, porches, offices and gardens. All of them have their own special markings and hues. The eye-catching blends of white, pale cream, smoky grey, chocolate brown, brilliantly complement all types of interior designs. That means that regardless of the kind of décor in your property, an authentic reindeer rug is a perfect addition.

How to Maintain Reindeer Hide

Luckily, reindeer hides are easy to clean. Any stains or spills come off immediately using a damp cloth, without needing to use a detergent or harsh rubbing. But, the hollow centre of reindeer hair makes it more delicate than cowhide or sheepskin. Hence, even if reindeer hides look perfect close to a fireplace or wood stove, they may not be suitable for such spots. That’s because intense heat dries out the hair fast, and compromises its look. The heat might also loosen the hair, leading to shedding.

Therefore, consider using your reindeer hides in other decorative ways, like those mentioned above. Also, only use them as rugs in areas with minimal foot traffic where the air is cool. Proper use of reindeer hide will ensure the hair stays intact and doesn’t loosen over time.

Reindeer hide rugs are bound to stay popular for many years to come. So, if you’re seeking something unusual and interesting for use on your property, you should consider getting an authentic reindeer hide.

At Hide Rugs we offer traditional, white, Siberian, and many other types of reindeer hides. In addition to that, we provide high quality cowhide rugs, sheepskin rugs, exotic hides and relevant accessories. All our animal skins are bi-products of the meat industry. Get in touch with us today at 020 7474 3411 for more details.