3 Don’ts to Remember to Make Window Cleaning Easier


Sparkling, streak-free windows can improve your mood, especially when you enjoy the bright light that comes through them. In most cases, you need to clean your windows once a year only, but some people require it more often. It is true that you can hire a professional to save yourself from doing a lot of scrubbing, but you can certainly handle this task all by yourself.  However, before you go any further, here are a few don’ts of window cleaning that you should bear in mind.

Do Not Purchase a Cleaner Straight Away

When you decide to clean your window, do not run to the market to get a new commercially-made cleaner. You do not always need these cleaners. Most of them do not do any magic and they can be toxic too. A better option would be to save your money and make use of vinegar instead. You can certainly find window cleaners with promises to leave your windows streak-free, but they do not always fulfill those promises.

First, check the kind of cleaning your windows really need. If your windows are not that dirty, you can use your soapy window cleaners to handle the task. You can make such a cleaner by adding a few drops of liquid dish soap in a bucket full of lukewarm water. The solution is usually strong enough to cut throat grease and dirt, and works even better when you use a squeegee to complete the task. Keep in mind that you are not going to get better results simply by using too much of that soapy solution. Adding too much of detergent to the water may leave soapy residue on the glass and cause streaks.

Another good idea is to use vinegar to clean your windows. You just need to add some vinegar to a bucket of warm water and you are ready to go. Be sure to use a one-to-one ration of water to vinegar to get good results. Again, use your squeegee technique with vinegar to help get rid of stubborn streaks as well as grease.

Do Not Start without Knowing the Right Cleaning Technique

Many people think they should start when they have a window cleaning solution. The truth is that even when you have the cleaner, you need the right cleaning technique to get good results. Therefore, you should always begin with a scrubber, such as a natural sea sponge, soft sponge, or a cloth-covered head on a squeegee. And of course, you need to have a bucket of warm, clean water. Add some detergent to the water, soak your scrubber in it, and start scrubbing your windows, one at a time. Now, get your squeegee and begin cleaning.

Begin cleaning at top corner and then take your squeegee down while moving it in a single straight stroke. Keep repeating downward strokes. Keep drying the squeegee blade using a lint-free cloth.