A Checklist on How to Keep Your Duplex Home in Shape

A Checklist on How to Keep Your Duplex Home in Shape

Many people consider duplex because it is affordable compared to single family homes. Duplex is a residential structure that can host two tenants at the same time. If you are thinking of buying a duplex, consider a trusted builder like renovateplans.com.au that way you will be assured of the safety and quality.

After buying a duplex, remember that the house also needs upkeep and maintenance to preserve its condition. To help you get started with the maintenance and upkeep, it is crucial that you make a calendar for the whole family that way you will know you are on track. Here’s a calendar with the checklist to keep your duplex home in shape:

Monthly checklist 

  • Check if you need to change the HVAC filters: there are many experts that recommend you to change the filter every month. It is up to you but it is still okay to use after 2-3 months.
  • Clean the hood filters: If you clean hood once in a year, it is very critical because buildup can be hard to remove. It is recommended that you clean the hood filters at least once a month with a degreaser.
  • Clean your kitchen sink disposal: Not many people consider this but it can make a difference at the end of the day. Try to clean it with vinegar.

Duplex Home in Shape


  • Test the smoke detectors: This is a simple task but it can save lives. Check if the batteries did not run out. Replace immediately and check the “test” button. The alarm should sound. If it won’t alarm despite the battery change, you need a new one.
  • Inspect your fire extinguisher: Your fire extinguisher is not a decoration. It can save lives so it is important to keep it working all the time. You need to check if it is expired. If it is, you should get a new one. Be sure that you also know how to use one in case of emergency.
  • Flush toilets and run water in places you do not use: If you have rooms or places not in use, it is important that you flush the toilets and run the water at least once in every quarter. This is to prevent the buildup of grime.


  • Spring: During spring, clean the exterior drainage as well as the gutters. Also, check the air conditioning system. It doesn’t end there, should also replace the damaged window screens and check the roofing.
  • Summer: During the summer, you should check the grouting of your kitchen and bathroom and inspect for any plumbing leaks. It is important to deal with the insect problems and clean the garage.
  • Fall: Check the heating system for the winter season and buy winter gear. You also need to flush hot water heater to remove the buildup of any sediment.
  • Winter: Winter is the most crucial time of the year because you need to work twice as hard to cope up with the cold. You need to check for icicles and ice dams that sit on the roof work. Do not forget to check the deadbolts and locks on your windows and doors. You also need to check the wiring and have it fixed.