What To Consider When Choosing A Garden Shed

What To Consider When Choosing A Garden Shed

Every garden needs a garden shed. This is where we store tools, accessories, and furniture. This is also where we keep our bike or sometimes animals. A garden shed can be your mini-home, too. It can serve as your summertime haven or your winter sanctuary. Some people choose basic and simple sheds to use as their workshop. Some prefer posh sheds where they can enjoy on their own and relax with a cup of tea. There are different purposes for making a garden shed. Decide on what kind of garden shed you need before you put it up.


Before anything else, decide on your budget. It doesn’t have to be very expensive. Buy what you can afford but make sure you get the best quality. Your garden could transform into something you could never imagine without overspending.


One of the first things to consider is where to put your shed. The size of the shed will depend on the available space in your garden. There should be enough space around the shed. This will provide easier access and will mean easier maintenance. Placing it near a fence or a taller building will guarantee its longer durability. Make sure that the location of your shed is not flooded during the rainy season. Avoid putting your shed where the roof can catch falling leaves and branches. You should consider putting it near the house if you want to install electricity in it.

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The purpose of the shed is very important. It is best to decide before you shell out your money. You may need insulation, power, and water, depending on the purpose of the shed. A metal shed often costs less and requires little maintenance. Wooden sheds are more pleasing to look at. They are also cheaper to build, warmer and you can tailor it based on your preferences.


The base of the shed must be level and secure. A concrete base will ensure the stability of the shed. You should consider adding guttering to collect the rainwater. You could recycle the collected water for use around the garden.

A sliding door is perfect if you have limited space. The type of wall for your shed is also important. Overlapping is simple and cost-effective but lacks that water run-off characteristics. Tongue and groove construction uses a superior construction. It is more expensive but it provides better protection against the weather. It also has a smooth professional finish.

There are three common roof types for sheds. Apex gives more space so this is usually for storage sheds. Pent is advisable for sheds built near a neighbor’s fence. It permits effective drainage of rainwater. It also reduces the general height of the shed. Flat roofs have nice finishes but collect rainwater. This affects the durability of the shed.

Now that you have enough information, you can now start your shed.