What is HOA?

HOA Management Company San Antonio

The abbreviation of HOA is homeowners association.It is group of people who form an association in a  planned community or building which makes the rules for the properties and the people who stay in it.It also ensure to enforce these rules.People who purchase house with in an HOA jurisdiction would automatically become the member of the association and will have to pay the dues which is known as the HOA fees. There are few associations which are very strict and are restrictive about the dos and don’ts of what can be done and what should not be done by the members to their properties. This association is formed within the communities of single family houses or multiple unit buildings. The main goal of these associations is to form rules and to enforce .The rules are regarding the properties which are within their jurisdiction. The association mainly consists of the community residents. It is the best approach to have the people who stay in the community as the members. To have a membership in HOA it is a requirement to buy a home within a community.

There are many HOA management company San Antonio has.The HOA usually has board of directors or the governors who are elected to make and oversee the HOA terms and conditions. The rules and regulations of the HOA are mentioned in the document which is known as Declaration of covenants, conditions and restrictions. There are also few rules which are made for the owners in regards to the maintenance and welfare of their properties. The rules would include restrictions like the fencing and landscape or the colour of the paint of the house. The CC& R also has the penalties in case the guidelines are not followed or adhered. The penalties would be like paying fine or may also be litigation. One more important point which has to be noted is that the HOA would collect monthly or annual fees to pay for the common area maintenance and to upkeep the facilities.

HOA Management Company San Antonio

Let’s see the advantages of HOA:

  • We can set and enforce the community rules which is for the benefit of all.
  • The property values are protected.
  • Services amenities and facilities are taken care.
  • It offers self -governance


HOAs is an organized body and this associate helps to set rules and ensure that there is some discipline in maintenance of the building. The rules are made for the betterment of the residents who stay in the houses. We would have someone who is responsible for ensuring that the property is neatly maintained without any damages. The best part is that additional services which is provided for maintenance of the house. The owners need not bother regarding the services for the house as it would be taken care by the association.