What are the different air compressor types?

air compressor types

Usually, you will find two different basic principles used in air compressors in Singapore. They are usually compressing either gas or air using dynamic compression or positive displacement compression.

Air compressors that make use of positive displacement technology include these”

  • Reciprocating i.e. piston compressors
  • Double rotor i.e. scroll compressors
  • Single rotor i.e. rotary screw compressors.

Dynamic compressors are also termed centrifugal compressors and they work at a fixed pressure instead of changing flow.

Let us understand the principles behind these technologies:

Displacement compressors: these compressors contain a cavity that permits a gas volume into the machine usually at a pressure of atmospheric level. The chambers continue to become smaller and so the volume is decreased simultaneously thereby increasing the gas pressure.

For example, if you are using piston air compressor Singapore then a piston would move up to the cylinder and reduce the space above which means that the air has to make the pressure high so that it can be fit in the small cavity. Multiple compression stages are incorporated in the piston compressors. This helps them achieve the pressure that is desired and makes them highly suitable for applications that need high pressure. Both oil-free and lubricated designs are available with multiple designs and can compress gases apart from air.

air compressor types

In the case of a compressor of double rotor type, there is a tooth or screw that traps the air, and then it is sealed. Mostly oil is used for sealing but sometimes water is used or special Teflon coatings that have very small tolerances are used between the female and male rotor profiles.

When the rotor is rotating then the air will mesh and push with the rotors in a smaller space. Then once again the pressure would be increase and it will allow the air volume to fit in the cavities of the compression chamber.

There are few types of the compressor with the single rotor like Liquid ring, Vane and scroll. These are the main offering in this category of the compressor.

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