Vanity Unit: Double Basin Vanity Unit


Vanity unit, what is it?

Many considered the bathroom a sanctuary, a serene place where one can find his or her time in solitude, silence and privacy; that is why some people tend to make their bathrooms a well designed one. Designed with different patterns of tiles that adds a relaxing ambiance in the room, the clean toilet that makes anyone who sit in it feel like a royalty, as well as wall decorations and lighting that adds a warm or relaxing accent. Another thing that adds a sophisticated touch in a bathroom is a vanity unit, which can be a single basin or a double basin vanity unit, but what is it?

A vanity unit is a piece of furniture that adds a warm, relaxing and sophisticated accent in a bathroom, a vanity unit is often consist of a basin, a mirror, with marble or quartz countertop that stands above a wooden cupboard. There are different types of vanity units, which can come in different sizes and colors, giving people different variations to choose from, one of these is the double basin vanity unit.


Double basin vanity unit

Though most of vanity unit usually adds sophistication on a small bathroom spaces, large bathrooms nowadays can also be seen with vanity units, large vanity units that  compliments the space of the bathroom and also acts as a focal point that gives a nice accent on the bathroom. Double basin vanity units are of course, a vanity unit that is composed of two basins, with a wider countertop and a wider cupboard that will surely add a luxurious touch in one’s bathroom.

Vanity units doesn’t always act as a luxurious part of your bathroom, but also provides different usage. One, of course is the basin, which acts a sink, along with the countertop that can act as a place to put your toiletries, perfumes, and other hygiene paraphernalias. The cupboard on the other hand, acts as a storage for different things, you can put tissues, extra toiletries and other things. The cupboard can also be designed to be a traditional one, with doors being held and can be opened with help of hinges, or a sliding one. These being said, a larger vanity unit such as the double basin vanity unit can provide a much larger space for storage, without sacrificing the space of your bathroom.


With the variety of vanity units to choose from, along with its different shapes and sizes that can help people choose a specific vanity unit that matches their style. In most cases, most makers and sellers of vanity units allows their customers to design their own vanity unit, whether it’s a small and usual single basin vanity unit or a double basin vanity unit, it’s always up to customer on how their vanity units would look like, their style, as well as their colors.