The Study Lamp, The Light We Need in Life


It is rightly said that education provides us with the light of opportunities we need at the end of a long dark tunnel. The light to our mind and senses, a soothing notion for the thoughts and a miracle for life, studying, for pleasure or academic purposes is always an overall growth. Books are always a man’s best friend. But are you reading in the same old dull light of your houses? Do you feel the need to spice things up a little? Buying a study lamp is the right solution to your problem.


History of Study Lamps

As astonishing as it may sound, the study lamp was based on British car suspensions. Yes, car suspensions are, absurd right? British designer George Carwardine was an engineer with high creativity, thinking ability and a mindset for innovation. Experimenting with parallelograms and counterweights, the guy whose speciality was vehicle suspensions gave us what we know today as the desk lamp. He practically acknowledged the fact that he could add suspensions to a light bulb and pivot it at just the right angles to get what he wanted. His expertise, although only extended to design and engineer such stuff, business was not his forte. Jac Jacobsen was the man behind marketing this wonderful adaptation into the world. Though a sewing machine manufacturer Jacobsen knew that he needed the light near the needle. He gave Cardwine an order of approximately 500 lamps because he knew this could change the world but most importantly, his sewing machine industry. Soon millions of study lamps were in the market, growing popular by the hour. 


Benefits of a Lamp

For students, getting the best conditions to study properly with utmost concentration is important, and light is equally important. Being able to read and write rightly increases the productivity of a student fourfold. It helps in reducing distraction since the light would focus only on what one is reading. Ambience and atmosphere are important for studying, and that is what a study lamp provides one with. It reduces the eye strain on one’s eyes, therefore, relieving the eyes of pain or irritation caused by little or no light. Study lamps are also known for being highly energy-efficient, and they produce less heat in the case of yellow bulbs, therefore protecting the environment. 



Study lamps are compact, budget-friendly, easy on the eyes and the need of the hour in any student’s life. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to increase concentration and reduce eye problems.