Certain toilets are the worst nightmares, while some others can be the biggest daydreams. So, chase the one which will prove to be your biggest daydream. Presenting to you the all new potty bowls that will make you dance to the colors.  By colors, it can be referred to the attractive lights that are more a guidance than a decoration. The awesome idea of decorating a pan can prove to a very faithful one to the customers. There is a line of such awesome products from the Just click for more info on to know more about such facilities.


The toilet bowls are well equipped with the best facilities and materials composition it which actually make it a perfect oneto soothe from the point of style, décor, safety,and comfort. The specifications of the toilet bowls are as follows:

  1. The bowls are mostly made up of ABS Plastic.
  2. The source of the light is in the form of LED.
  3. There are sensors to sense the background lights like the motion sensor, Motion Activated sensor and other light sensitive sensors that work well even in dark areas like the toilets.
  4. The voltage that controls the light is almost of 4.5V and hence do not pose a threat to the person sitting in position.
  5. The light sensor detects the entity from a distance of 2 to 3 meters.

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Most of the toilets don’t have such features asa UV ray facility. We all know that the UV rays are the vital ones for killing the bacteria besides being a light source for the LED, this acts as a source to kill all the pathogens that are borne in the toilet. The sterilization light that stays activated upto 25 seconds will surelykill enough pathogens and hence save the family from dangers.


The products are all 100% free of any risk and bear a minimum guarantee of about 6 months. If in the meantime any kind of manufacturing defects occur, the product can be immediately replaced. The customer help service is available for 24 x7 hours of help service to the customers. The testing that is done while building such toilets is done with such great accuracy that thereis a minimal fear of any kind of manufacturing defects.


Yes, both the qualities go hand in hand with such toilets. The simplicity comes from the criteria that the arm is easily adjusted and the thing that needs to be done is only the insertion of the batteries. After loading the batteries one just have to bend the potty bowl and such be loaded into position to face the door of the bathroom. This is an important criterion to be remembered that it will make the detection of the sensor easier. So, now the toilet is finely decorated with all the luxurious facilities it actually needs.


We are often careless about our toilets and rarely do feel a need to decorate too and keep it updated. But, we lack the idea that a proper sanitation system is the first essentiality of a house. Unless the sanitation system is developed, there is no point in decorating the rest of the house with all theamenities. So, one must be very precise about the “toilet goals”.