Monkey King: What to Understand about this Spectacular Tea Pet


Tea pets are quite popular, especially in China. Also known as a tea lover’s pet, such item is described as a small clay figure usually kept by tea drinkers to bring good luck. Today, there are many types of tea pets which come in different shapes and colors.

Even if, at first, you believe that it’s a decorative thing, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be one. But for tea drinkers who are so familiar with its use, it’s placed near a tray while serving drinks. Despite what you think about such cute and interesting accessory, it’s something that can make people happy.

One of the popular tea pets nowadays is a monkey king which has three impressive features: Chinese style has decorative features and usually possesses quality clay which makes it ideal for tea ceremonies.

Before you create or decide to collect one, it is prudent that you understand about it first.

What is tea pet?

In some occasions, tea drinkers who use tea pets do some rituals and traditions to add a more symbolic and powerful sacrifice to the tea ceremony. They believe that by giving up some of what they enjoy, they hope that the enjoyment will continue.

You also need to understand that you should treat your tea pet right, and they’ll show the same thing. Like how precious a teapot is, showing care for a tea pet can also bring good things.

You can pour any liquid on it as long as it is:  warm water used to warm up tea before a tea session, left over-steeped tea or a rinse from the leaves of tea.  Regardless of what you have, the same rules apply. Don’t let it get thirsty! Feed it right and it could give great things you less expected.

Interestingly, tea pets have outstanding designs and superior qualities. Because of the materials they’re made of, they are simply fascinating to use. Not to mention that they could bring smiles to us.

Even the scholars and the high officials praised the use of such material because of its wonderful colors and beautiful features. Just by looking at the figure makes the ordinary tea drinking sessions a lot happier and satisfactory.

How to use one?

It’s believed that you more you feed and give drink to your tea pet, the more it takes on a distinctive and impressive shine that will last for years. And what’s surprising is because of its impressive attributes, it’s impossible to be manufactured.

A high-end tea pet can also take on the scents and the tints of the tea you pour over it. (But you have to be careful not to spoil a lot of delicious tea)

When looking for one

Make sure to notice the differences. Like how many dynasties, there are a plethora of tea pets available in the market. Each has distinctive qualities and specifications you have to look for. Find out the price and the colors that you want before you buy something.

But the most important thing is you get the authentic ones.