Modernise Your Home: 7 Inspirational Décor Tips


As design trends come and go, our homes are left with looks that are no longer in style. If it’s been a while since you’ve given your home an uplift, perhaps it’s time for modernising it. The world of design has embraced a plethora of new and exciting trends that will accentuate your home’s features, fill it with a sense of novelty and help you discover some of the most enticing looks on the modern design scene.

Go with a simple, minimalist design

Modern and contemporary homes are characterised by a simple, minimalist design. What makes minimalism so popular is its simplicity, subtlety and elegance, perfect for a stylish home. Thus, you should declutter your home and create an open home environment where just a few exquisite details will take the centre stage. Clean, simple lines, a subdued colour scheme and handpicked details will help you design a look that exudes effortless beauty.

Reinvent your colour scheme

Introducing a new colour palette to your home is one of the simplest, most affordable and most effective updates. You have plenty of colour inspiration to choose from, so take some time to find out which shades will work well in your space. A simple, subdued colour scheme will help you capture the essence of modern and contemporary styles, especially if you spice it up with an occasional pop of dark or vibrant tones.

Update your kitchen cabinets

A complete kitchen makeover can cost you a fortune, so it’s better to go with some smaller changes that can create a new look. Updating your cabinets, for instance, will completely transform your kitchen and transform it into a modern hub. You can repaint your cabinets and use a stylish new finish for authentic visual appeal. For example, matte kitchen cabinets will stand perfectly against stainless steel appliances, creating a striking contrast. You can also replace the pulls, knobs, handles and faucets, using a beautiful finish. From gold, rose gold and silver to bronze, copper and nickel, different finishes will give a unique flair to your old kitchen.

Create a spa-like ambience in the bathroom

On the modern design scene, bathrooms are transformed into soothing spas, helping homeowners invite a sense of serenity into their homes. You can easily transform your bathroom into a retreat, focusing on the right details. In a minimalist atmosphere, a simple freestanding bath can set the scene for your home spa, providing you with an opportunity for relaxation and indulgence. You should let it come into focus and use other decorative details to complement its subtle, yet sophisticated form. For instance, a wooden side table can be the perfect embellishment, especially when decorated with a vase of fresh flowers. You should also introduce soft, plush robes and towels, scented candles and subtle lighting. You can also add a chic area rug casually next to your beautiful tub for cosy appeal.

Style up your lighting

Updating your lighting can also help freshen up your home décor by filling it with a new glow and creating a cosy ambience. Layering different lights, including pendants, wall lights, floor and table lamps, will create a warm, inviting atmosphere in your home while also boosting its functionality. Lovely fixtures can be used as accent details, introducing modern shapes, patterns and colours.

Mix and match your furniture styles

If your home features a somewhat traditional style, there’s no need for completely removing your old furniture pieces. Instead, you should complement them with modern ones and create a surprising effect in your home. Mixing and matching furniture styles can help you create an atmosphere of authenticity in your space and provide you with a timeless look. However, you should still opt for balance and cohesiveness, so make sure to link your pieces with a common feature such as colour or patterns.

Open your home to nature

Nature is a crucial component of modern and contemporary home designs, introducing an organic touch and a tranquil atmosphere. From big leafy plants with intricate patterns to small succulent terrariums, you have plenty of stylish options when decorating with plants. You can also create your indoor garden or a living wall, filling your space with calming natural energy. Not only will plants energise your space, but they will also purify your indoor air and help you create a healthier, airier and more open environment.

While some trends are infinitely chic but temporary, others are all-time classics that will give your home a timeless value. Nonetheless, modernising your home and giving it a trendy new look will surround you with an inspiring space that you’ll love.