Main Components Of Gutter System Explained


If you own a house and wish to be insightful of each and every part of your house to ensure it’s well-maintained, studying important components of the gutter system is important. Upon knowing about these components, you would be able to care better for them so that you can get any part repaired or replaced whenever required. Here is a list of main components of a gutter system.

Gutter section

The gutter section is the main part of the gutter that runs horizontal to your house, along the ground. You would find different kinds of materials used to make gutter sections. While some materials are long lasting, others might be easier to maintain, and yet, others might be reasonable in terms of price.


Downspouts begin from the gutter section where the water is accumulated. They extend till the base of your house where they end. Downspouts help in draining water, carrying them from the gutter section. You would find downspouts of various shapes. The most popular shapes in downspouts are rectangular and circular. However, circular downspouts are easier to clean in case of clogging. While you can clean the downspout yourself, it would be better to contact experts in Downspout repairs in Mississauga.

Downspout repairs in Mississauga


Hangers help in keeping the gutter intact. Again, based on the amount of money you’re ready to spend when installing hangers, you would find a variety of them. The kind of hanger you choose for your gutter also depends on the size of your gutter. Some of the common kinds of hangers are- standard hangers, K style hangers, heavy-duty hangers, and many more.

Gutter guards

Gutter guards are used to keep the debris and solid waste from entering the gutter system. When the solid waste and debris enter the gutter system, they might cause clogging, blockage, and a lot of other issues. Gutter guards are mostly made of stainless steel to prevent them from rusting.

Downspout extension

A downspout extension helps in keeping a check on the flow of water. This helps in emptying the water in a specific area without causing the water to stand anywhere. Make sure the downspout extension takes the water to a place that is located away from the foundation of your house.

These are the components of a gutter system. Now that you know about them and their functions, we hope you can take better care of them.