Learn How to Choose The Best Shower Head


There is a stunning range of shower head options, from fixed shower heads with adjustable sprays to stylish portable devices. Depending on your budget, lifestyle, and shower space, there is a wide range of shower options to choose from. Here are some easy tips for choosing the best shower head for your bathroom.

Who is it for?

Before you finish your shower head, it is a good idea to consider who will use it the most. If you plan to remodel your guest bathroom, a simpler unit could work perfectly. If it is for your master bedroom, you can choose a luxury shower head Singapore with a coordination bathtub and shower finishing set, and shower strainers.

Select the spray model

Today, there are various options available for selecting the spray model in addition to the normal body spray. From rain-like drops to massage jets and mist to electric massage, you can choose the one that complements your shower routine.

Types of shower heads

Although there are different ways to customize your bathroom and shower panel, shower heads fall into four basic categories:

Wall-mounted shower heads

If you want to give your bathroom a simple makeover or have a small budget, a wall-mounted shower will perfectly fit the bill. These shower heads come in different styles, finishes, and metals, from stainless steel to brass, allowing you to choose the one that suits your style.

Hand shower heads

They are fixed to a wall by a flexible hose or a tube, giving them a wider range of motion. They can help you with various tasks, from washing your hair or bathing children to washing your dog. They are perfect for family bathrooms.

Shower heads mounted on top.

Positioned above the head, rather than on the wall, the shower heads mounted on the top can be mounted on the shield or suspended by a suspended rail. Also known as rain showers, they add an elegant touch to your bathroom. However, shower heads mounted on top may not work with existing plumbing, and you may need extensive improvements to existing plumbing. They are perfect for a new home or a major bathroom renovation and can also prove to be a smart solution for ceilings that are too low for a wall mount.

Spa shower panels

Spa shower panels are the perfect way to bring hydrotherapy spa treatment into your home. Remember that the panels’ height must be taken into account before installation so that the water massages the body to the appropriate height.

Are you planning to renovate your bathroom, shower head, or replace your shower filter? The key is to choose excellent quality so that you can make sure your bathroom stays in the same clean condition for years to come.