Knowing and Determining the Right Bed Size


 Talking about mattresses or beds, maybe you have often heard some terms of mattress size in general.  However, you also have to understand the meaning of these terms, both for measuring the type of spring bed and foam mattresses.  The reason is, humans spend almost a third of their lives sleeping. Of course, you need to know the size of your bed, from the length and width of the mattress to the general term for that size.

There are tips for choosing the right mattress size super single mattress singapore which is 100 cm x 200 cm. As the name implies, the super single mattress with a width of 100 cm and a length of 200 cm is the standard for the smallest mattress size that is suitable for one person, both small children and adults with an average weight and normal height.  This mattress size is often found in hotels and is usually not for sharing. Unlike the regular single size which is 90cm in width and 200cm in length, this super single mattress has extra width to accommodate one extra person if needed.  The size of the single bed is also suitable for use in children’s rooms or boarding rooms.

But before going for super single think whether it is suitable for your room or not by considering few things or else you may end up buying it and space won’t be sufficient or the bed size won’t be comfortable for you. So consider and think about these things :

  1. Adjust the Size of the Bed to the Room Space

Before buying a mattress, adjust the size of the mattress or bed to the size of the room. Make sure after the mattress is placed, the room can still be accessed comfortably and freely.  The position and remaining space for movement must be adequate so that access to and from the room is not blocked.

  1. Adjust Bed Size by User

 Choosing a bed size also needs to be adjusted to the mattress user.  Consider the number of users, body size, and sleep habits of users.  Do not forget, also think carefully about the use of the mattress in the long term.

This is very influential if you choose a bed size for small children.  Their rapid body growth certainly needs to be considered because a mattress or bed in a bedroom need that should last a long time.  Try to buy a single bed size if you want to accommodate your little one until he is a teenager.