In the olden days, the fireplace mantel is also called as the chimneypiece. This was the thing which is originally meant to catch the smoke from the fireplace or from the hearth. Eventually, this has been evolved into art form and this would sometimes elaborate the mantels which become focal point of the room.

But everything has been changed nowadays, because we are living in the age in which modernization may seems to be the main keyword. This is often the case which the architectural type of designs are pushed increasingly in direction of some concepts like minimalism in name of modern art which would be suitable for some, but at the same time this is leaving many of us people yearning for some warm reminders of those more traditional and classic periods which still resonate for most of the people, and this is also down to long years of history as mentioned earlier. This is actually the genuine love for more refined age which has given us the obligation to hone the art of restoring the piece of pure classical interior and architectural designs. This process also provides some means of bringing back and maintaining those forms of beautiful pieces of work which still have such as impact, decoration which carries the most elegant and more sophisticated edges which stands the test of the time.

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