How to Find a Right Tree Consultant?

How to Find a Right Tree Consultant

A tree consultant or arboricultural is a person who has the expertise and recognized qualifications in the management and care of trees, especially trees in gardens, parks, landscapes. As there are a lot of tree consultants available outside, that’s why it’s obvious to face difficulty in finding a suitable and right one to maintainyour trees.

If you’re one of those people who is going through this same situation, then you have come to the right page. Here are some tips that you can follow to find and pick the right arboricultural that will genuinelyhelp you. There are some questions you can ask a tree surgeon before making a final decision, which includes:

  1. Are you insured?

The first question you should ask consultantsis whether they are insured or not. If yes, then ask them to provide the evidence and proof of insurance, such as liability. If any of the consultants fail to provide you with information regarding insurance, then you should stop dealing with that consultant.

  1. Do you work with a British Standard?

Another vital question you should ask consultants is whether they work according to the British Standard. If yes, then further ask them which one.Nevertheless, it should be BS5837. Don’t forget to ask this while looking for a tree surgeon.

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  1. Are you qualified and experienced?

A right tree surgeon or consultant is qualified and highly experienced in the field of arboriculture. In fact, you can visit the official website, if there is any, to check how much experience they have in the industry. Plus, a suitable consultant would be one specializing in providing relevant tree survey. Undoubtedly, experience always matters and that’s why you should go for those consultants who come from the very strong ground. Or consider those who have a successful proven record in the arboricultural industry.

  1. Are you part of a professional organization?

It’s recommended to go for those consultants who are a member of a reliable and professional organization. It’s very important for your work commitment.

  1. Can you provide a written quotation?

If consultants fail to provide you with a written quotation, then you should reject them. Look for one who can provide you with written quotations without any excuses.

  1. Can you provide the previous client’s contact details?

Ask consultants to give you their previous client’s contact information. If they are able to do it, then try to contact their previous client’s and ask them about whether it’s truly worth to choose the consultant or not.

These above questions can help you to find the most suitable tree consultant in your region. However, if you’re looking for a tree surgeon in the UK, then you can prefer Indigo Surveys. They are a leader in arboricultural consultancy and they provide many tree reports and tree plans you can trust without any second thought. They have vast experience in working with both residential and commercial clients. For sensible, defensible and client-focused work, you can contact Indigo Surveys.