Gutter System Maintenance – Tips And Tricks


     A well-built gutter system back in the day can last for 20-30 years, These however mostly consist of decorative iron and not the flimsy pre-painted aluminum they usually have these days. This is if it is properly sealed and maintained, and also properly installed in the first place. Gutters play a critical and crucial role in making sure your house remains free from flooding, prevents erosion around your garden beds and foundations and even stop your basement from being flooded. Gutters are an investment that protects your home from the dangers of the elements, a little preventive maintenance goes a long way in adding to the longevity of your gutter system. Below are some maintenance tips and common sense tricks to ensure your gutter lasts.

Use Professional Installers

     If you want your gutter system to last, ensure that it is installed by professionals. There are a lot of professional companies that install downspouts, eavestrough, and gutter systems all over. It is best you find a local company to install this and if you are from Burlington, just search downspouts Burlington on your search bar and you will be presented with local choices for you to choose from. With a properly installed gutter system, it will require little to no maintenance at all.

Get Rid of Overhanging Vegetation or Tree Branches

     Branches hanging directly on your roof will damage the gutters first and your roof second. A clogged gutter is worse than having no gutter at all. Any vegetation directly above your roof will increase the chances of the system being cluttered and clogged with leaves, branches, and even dead critters clogging your downspouts.

Ice can be damaging

    During winter months, ice build-up is the thing to watch out for. This causes what builders say are “ice dams” which can also cause a blockage. If you can manage, use a snow rake to get rid of excess snow on your roof after a snowfall. Just be sure to wear safety equipment and consult a professional for safety advice.

Repair Visible Cracks and Minor Damage

   Look for signs of wear and tear and repair them as soon as they start to develop. This will prevent the damage or crack from spreading to a level where you need to replace your downspout entirely. These cracks can lead to even bigger problems when left unchecked and untreated.

Gutter Guards are Best

    Installing gutter guards are a necessary part of the system to ensure that blockages from leaves, branches and other debris does not happen. Falling leaves is the most common reason for gutter blockages but are easily prevented by installing gutter guards.