Ecobee vs. Nest: The Battle Between the Best Thermostat


Wise shoppers know the importance of comparing products before purchasing them. And today’s topic will focus on these two accessible smart thermostats called – Ecobee 4 and Nest Learning Thermostat.

These two are today’s leading smart home thermostats which can help a house to keep a comfortable temperature without the need for constant input. So how Ecobee vs Nest compete with each other?

Take a look at the comparison below.

The Cost

Both of these leading smart home thermostats can cost you at $249 retail. Though sometimes you can get these two with great deals and freebies. But Ecobee dropped its price to $199 on their website. Even Nest Learning Thermostat marked down to $215 on Amazon, Nest Learning website, you can save at least $50 if you buy two units. But since Ecobee dropped its price to $199, it outshined Nest Learning in terms of cost value.

Energy Efficiency

One of the most common reasons why many individuals are buying smart thermostats is to cut down expenses for utility bills. Both of these smart thermostats offer energy efficiency, but Nest Learning is more user-friendly compared to Ecobee. Here are the reasons why:

  • When adjusting the temperature to save energy, a leaf icon will appear on Nest Learning. Using the thermostat for heating and set it to 62 degrees will get you a leaf icon. You can also use this to set the home warmer if the atmosphere is getting colder
  • Nest Learning Thermostat will remember the household’s preference; you’ll automatically see a leaf icon on the device whenever you pick your desired temperature. Meaning, it’ll automatically conserve energy based on your habit and set preferences
  • It can save your energy bills up to 5%
  • Compared to Ecobee, which is a hard-wired smart thermostat, Nest Learning Thermostat can operate on its own without the help of electricity, is due to built-in batteries.
  • So if you’re household is prone to severe weather changes which can cause power outages, then Nest Learning Thermostat would be the best option.

The Looks 

Both of these two smart thermostats have rounded-like shapes. Though Ecobee4 is a bit squared compared to Nest Learning which is perfectly round.

You can buy Nest Learning Thermostat in different variants:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Black
  • Mirror black
  • White
  • Polished steel
  • Brass
  • Copper

Moreover, Nest Learning Thermostat also lights up when it spots you across the household. It also has a far far-sight feature which can be useful when changing the temperature. While on the other hand, Ecobee4 has only one variant which is black and blue stripe at the top.

The Adjustment 

The look of these two devices is quite similar, though they have differences on how to make any adjustments with the temperature. The Ecobee4 has a built-in Alexa and Room Sensor. Ecobee has touchscreen features, which makes it easy for the user to set their desired preferences. You can also purchase wireless room sensors that can be used with Ecobee4. It will automatically detect and adjust the room temperature, click here for more.

It perfectly delivers the convenience of having a smart thermostat by automatically adjusting itself depending on the presence of people with the help of its sensors. On the contrary, Nest Learning Thermostat doesn’t have this kind of feature. So, if you’re household is a bit larger, then Ecobee4 will suit you.

Both of these two smart thermostats offer the convenience of having a smart home in the household. Though, for most users, they prefer using Ecobee4 because of its built-in Alexa and sensors.