Different types of house paints and their uses


 There are different types of house paints available in the market and the companies are coming with different varieties of colors with different shades. Accurate painting will provide paints of many colors.

Latex paint: Latex paint offered by Accurate Painting acts as the better choice for home projects and it attracts the attention of people who enjoy dry projects and even for experts.  Latex paint is water based and comes in almost every color and this paint is seen in numberof finishes such as satin, gloss, mini gloss and flat.

Uses: Flexibility has made it easy for the Latex paint to become popular choice for indoor and outdoor projectsas the paint will remain flexible even after theyhave dried. Flexibility acts as the reason for selling Latex paint. Latex paint can also be used by unprofessional painters and can be easily cleaned with water. Latex paint also prevent yellowing, mold and mildewing. Latex paint is mainly used for plaster and dry walls and stucco and wood and cement.

Oil paint:  oil paints are derived from petroleum distillates and organic solvents. Oil paints are used for home projects due to its durability  in the past. It is mainly used for doors, handrails and floors. Latex has replaced oil paint as a best choice for home.  Oil paints dry hard and continue to be harden with pass of time. Oil paint prevents blocking.  Oil paints are better option for metal surfaces as oil paint prevents moisture and don’t allow moisture to pass through them once they are dry.  Oil paints are used for steel gutters, outdoor railings and floors.

Enamel paint: Enamel paint is mostly associated with oil paints and these days enamel latex paints are also available in the market. Enamel paint has a hard and glossy finish. Oil Enamel paints are durable but contain volatile organic compounds which can be a threat to the environment.  On the other hand even Latex Enamel paint is not considered as the best alternative Inspite of less volatile organic compounds, Latex enamel paint is not as durable and glossy as oil enamel paint.

Disposal of the left out paint: It is equally important to dispose the left out paint in the same way as people choose the right paint for their walls.  The leftovers must be disposed in a proper way to avoid health problems and to avoid affect for the environment. The paint should be sealed up tightly for the purpose of reuse to avoid  dryingand to preventpaint fumes from leaking out and till it is disposed.

Latex paints can be disposed easily by keeping the left over paint by simply keeping the open can in the sun for few hours. Disposal of latex paint can be done through drying but it cannot be followed for oil paints as it is dangerous for environment and should be disposed by the professionals. Apart from disposing the oil pairs at recycling centers, oil paints can also be dropped off at home  improvement stores such as Home Depot and Lowes.