Determining The Needs Of Your Tiny House Space


A tiny house is a tiny place to live in. This is why it is essential to understand and consider a few things such as VA loans Houston when you are deciding about what you should put in it. It is already small and cramped enough. You really can’t afford to hoard it. That is why before you start designing your space, you need to consider a few things before you do them.

Here are some of the things you need to ask yourself when designing your tiny house space.

What can you cut out from your current lifestyle?

Reading books is an excellent example of things that you can cut out from your daily life. While it might be a fantastic idea to add a library in your space, you might consider devoting that space for something more progressive. Ask yourself, have you ever read a book twice? If no, then you can take E-books or borrow books that you can return from the library. Ask yourself these while you are thinking about your hobbies. It might help you design a better space in the future.

What can you create?

Ever seen a MacGyver episode? Well, this is your time to shine! Think about the essential things that you plan to put in your tiny house. And think of a way that it can serve another purpose. An example could be a bed that can be converted into a sofa. Or a coffee table that can be raised into a dining table.


Another smarter design would be to have your grey water (That is water used to clean dishes) double as the water used for flushing when you take the time to sit back. You can think of lots of things. Maybe a ladder that doubles as a rack when not in use. You get the idea.

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What can you outsource?

Another thing that a tiny house owner should consider is outsourcing a couple of amenities that are usually present at your regular household.

No space for laundry? You can go to the laundry shop. Want a home gym? You should consider getting a gym membership instead. You want a working space. Other people prefer the company of others and go to co-working spaces located all around the world. Just remember that a tiny house is a commitment to living smaller.

What can you sacrifice?

A lot of people tend to ask this when they are talking about commitment. It also applies to tiny house living. When you are in a small space, you need to sacrifice parts of the things you have been used to almost half of your life like ovens, big TVs, large bathrooms or even a bedroom that you can stand to get to.

Ask yourself if you are willing to buy a smaller variation of the things you want. Instead of a customizable gaming computer, would you rather a small laptop? Instead of a wide kitchen, could you compromise on a smaller one next to the toilet? There are so many things that you need to tone down when you are in a tiny house. However, pushing through and committing will grant you unusual lifestyle changes that you will never regret.