Connecting the interior with the exterior: Pergolas Canada

Pergolas Canada

When it comes to having a transition space between the interior and the exterior, pergolas are the answer. They add and semi-open space to the house or landscape that brings out a hint of grace in the overall map of the house.

What are pergolas?

Pergolas are a type of canopies which have a semi-covered roof. These are used normally to accentuate any landscaped area or to create a transition space between the built and unbuilt structures.

Materials used for constructing a pergola

There are various materials that are used to create pergolas. The materials include wood, aluminum, steel, etc. pergolas are also made from live creepers. These can be constructed in various sizes modified according to the area. The material also varies depending on its availability and place of application.

Origin of the pergolas

Pergolas were originally called pergula, which is a late Latin language. The meaning of which is a projecting eave. Pergola is an Italian word adopted in English.

The oldest mention of a pergola is in old Italian texts referred to as pergolas in 1654.

Pergolas Canada

Evolution of the pergolas

The pergola building materials today include the use of materials like vinyl, wood, aluminum, etc. in place of the stone stumps or bricks like older times. These new materials are easy on pockets and popular. For building wooden pergolas weather-resistant wood, like western redcedar are used. Also, coast redwood is stained or painted. Used wood treated with preservatives is used for outdoor purposes. As an alternative for wood, various materials such as fiberglass, aluminum, viny, etc. are used. unlike wooden pergola, these materials do not require paint or stain annually. Also, the manufacturing of these materials can be done such that they are stronger than wood.

Installation of pergolas

Installingpergolas is a simple task altogether. It requires very less labor and expertise. Ready to install arrangements of pergolas are also available in the market pergolas canada is one example of these type of pergolas. They can also be customized according to the client’s area requirements and the budget.

Pergolas are mainly used in the western country where there exists a system of sunbathing or tanning in the sun. The sun plays a major role in their day to day lives. The design of houses or habitable spaces is done in such a way that it allows ample amount of sunlight into space. Pergolas or sunspaces are examples of such sunspaces.

In the cooler regions, pergolas are places on the south side where the warmth of the sun is the highest, thus serving to the passive heating techniques that persist in such regions. The pergolas are used to heat up part, the heat from where is radiated to the adjoining spaces of the house.