Boen Flooring and its Maintenance

Boen flooring

Boen is one of the best manufacturers of hardwood flooring in the world which uses advanced technology to fulfill the needs of the clients. They ensure the comfort of their clients.

They focus on the completion of customers’ requirements atan affordable rate. Customer care is their highest priority. The products of Boen flooring are sold in Approx 50 countries. They prefer a rapid change with the change happening in the world of interior design. People have become very choosy when it comes to the decoration or the flooring of their house or organization. The good and clean interior gives positive vibes for the work.


Boen has had extreme growth in recent years and they win many customers through their quality of work. Through constant development, they have become one of Europe’s largest producers of hardwood flooring.With continuous investment and production, they have increased their worldwide market share by offering good quality of goods.

They develop sports floors. Boen flooring gives 2 years of guarantee. It is the best choice due to its exceptional services with good maintenance. They offer a huge variety of timber such as, Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Beech, Ash and Maple and range of finishes as such as whitewashed, oiled, grey and many. They are responsible and reputable suppliers as theyensure customer satisfaction. Boenis proud to be a producer of hardwood flooring products. They are well known for their excellent quality of products. Boen has all type of flooring you desire to fulfill. When you buy the floor from us, you buy quality.

Boen flooring


Wooden floor is beautiful and elegant. Wooden flooring is durable but still they need care protection from damages.  For wooden floor maintenance, an important part is to wipe away the spills immediately. Damages are not inevitable but for the preventions, certain precautions can be taken. Doormats must be there at the entrance of the gate. People should avoid using outdoor slippers hen walking on the wooden floor as they contain dirt which can easily give scratches. You must keep a shoe rack outside the entrance with a note to keep shoes out so, that it is notable to the guests. Remove the girt whenever you notice on your floor.

Always pick the objects to move them rather than dragging them across the floor. You must also add the furniture pads to the legs of sofas, chairs, beds, tables, etc.Too much water should be avoided for the cleaning of the surface. Sweep the surface of the floor frequently to avoid dirt or dust. Wooden flooring demands high attention. Use wood floor cleaner monthly for the proper maintenance. When the wood floor starts looking dull, they can be recoated by applying a new coat of wood floor finish.