Bathroom Ideas In Fenton, MO: All You Need To Know


Bathing or taking showers are always pleasant and relaxing tasks. But, for some people, it is as difficult as it comes. So many people suffer from bathroom-related injuries every year. This is when bathroom ideas in Fenton, MO come into the picture. As the namesuggests, bathchairs are four-legged chairs; the legs are made from aluminium and have rubbers to prevent slipping and a seat made from plastic. These chairs provide a sense of independence to those who need assistance in bathing. Different types of chairs have different features.

Who Can All Use Bath Chairs?

Bathroom ideas in Fenton, MO can be used by everyone from kids to elderly, but it comes in very handy and useful for people with disabilities, post-surgery or injury and older people.

People with disabilities or other health issues: those with difficulties or problems were standing up for too long or suffer from dizziness can benefit hugely from resting on these chairs.

Post-surgery or injury: People who have undergone surgery recently or have suffered from an injury and cannot put too much weight on their lower bodies can rely on this chair to make bathing an easier task.

Elderly: older people mostly depend on other people to help them with the simplest of tasks. Bath chairs will make them more independent and reduce the back strain of the users and their caregivers.

Precautions to take while using bath chairs:

  • Do not proceed on your own if you are unsure or scared to do so. Take assistance from your caregiver or a family member.
  • Carefully inspect the chairs for damage or defects before using them.
  • Use non-slip shoes to avoid slipping on the wet shower floors.
  • Use a slip resistance bath mat for extra precautions.
  • Users with limited mobility are advised/recommended to use the chair under a supervisor or assistant.
  • Test the stability of the chair before use. Make sure that the legs are evenly adjusted and firm on the ground after placement.
  • The correct height of the chair should be knees just below hip height, with a person’s feet flat on the ground.
  • Make sure that you exert equal weight while sitting on the chair. Uneven weight exertion can lead to the tipping of the chair.
  • Assist the person in drying off completely, including the bottom of the feet.
  • Mop off any excess water on the floor before assisting the person in getting up.
  • Regularly wipe the chair with mild soap and water. Avoid using abrasive cleaners. Replace the chair immediately if you see any rusting.

Investing in bath chairs provide the user with both physical but also psychological benefits. It makes the user feel less helpless and less dependent and reassure them of independence.