Basic Installation Instructions for Vertical Blinds

Basic Installation Instructions for Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are often used to cover large windows of the house elegantly. They are made of various materials, such as cloth, vinyl, and aluminum. They can be opened simply by pulling the chains, and the slats open or close to provide light inside the room. These elements can store these strips in groups in several ways. For example, if you open the vertical blinds with a stack to the left or to the right, the slats open to the left or to the right. Besides, these blinds can also be folded in the center of the window. This article will highlight some of the critical steps you must take to install vertical blinds better.


The first step is to measure the window with the tape measure and decide if you want to install these elements inside or outside the window frame. If you opt for internal support, you will get an elegant look for your windows, and if you prefer external support, it will block the light that penetrates through the sides of the windows. Check the grid packaging to make sure you have the necessary screws, as well as clamps to keep these blinds in the right place. To obtain valuable suggestions, it is recommended to contact an experienced blinds installer for proper cleaning and installation of the curtains.

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Calculate inch

The second step is to calculate an inch out and a half inch down from the window frame to install the blinds outward. Be sure to draw a single line with a pencil to mark a specific place. These will be the places where you can successfully install the brackets.

You must take a stand in front of the marks you draw with a pencil, and then you must bring a mark with the other hand to indicate where the holes for the screws will be. You must repeat this particular step for the support on the other side. You must also use a level so that the signals are smooth on both sides.

Screw the brackets 

You must screw the brackets in place, and you must slide the rail in the correct position by inserting the front edge into the mounting clips and then pushing it in the opposite direction. These blinds would be fixed correctly in these mounting clips. If you need an exclusive blind installation service or want to hire a professional for a unique cleaning service, there are several roller shutter service providers that would best suit your needs.

Valence metal parts

The next step is to install all the Valence metal parts in the corner of Valance, and then snap into place. Then, you must slide the clips of the valance into the guide, and then insert the valance into these clips of the guide to keep them in the correct place.

All these steps will help you ensure that the installation process of the blinds is done the right way.