8 Minimalist Kitchens with Maximalist Style

8 Minimalist Kitchens with Maximalist Style

The scheme of minimalist décor can make great sense in every room of the house. However, the approach of minimalist kitchen design can be sometimes misinterpreted as it is nothing more than a stage set where nobody cooks! While a minimalist kitchen is free of excessive clutter and boiled down to essential elements that help you to optimize your kitchen space for cooking, preparing meals, and gatherings. 

List of 8 Minimalist Kitchens with Maximalist Style

We have gathered the best 8 Minimalist kitchen styles in a range of layouts, sizes, and aesthetics to make the case for doing more without sacrificing style and functionality: 

1.  Parisian Style

You can create a Parisian-style kitchen that has intricate historic ceiling moldings that are beautifully contrasted with a modern waterfall edge island that houses the sink, a dining table and chairs, and minimalist warm wood cabinetry.

Also, add classic French oak flooring runs throughout the room to create a maximalist Parisian look. 

2.  Vaulted Style

A dramatic tall vaulted wood-paneled ceiling can add warmth to the kitchen’s airy space. it should be finished with a soft touch of white marble, acres of countertops, a massive island, a beautiful wall art frame, and a view of the beautiful exteriors from the picture window over the sink. 

List of 8 Minimalist Kitchens with Maximalist Style

3.  Reclaimed Wood

You can also opt for a painted white brick wall, stainless steel appliances, reclaimed wooden cabinets, neon lighting, and a single row of open shelving to add a lighthearted touch to your kitchen’s interior. 

4.  U-Shaped

You can décor your U-Shaped kitchen with pure white finishes on walls, cabinetry, and tilings to make the space feel more clean, fresh, and bright. A mix of the glass front, Open storage and wooden flooring can add a depth-touch and warmth, and also keep clutter at bay. 

5.  Midcentury Modern

Try a fresh makeover by creating a midcentury modern style kitchen that respects the minimal bones by adding glamorous and a few bold touches like a massive marble slab backsplash and a waterfall marble island to feel the effects. 

6.  Be Pure

You can even go for a mix of pale bricks, Douglas fir timber doors, ceilings, furniture, and polished concrete floors to design a spare and spacious kitchen and create a seamless look. 

7.  Open & Airy

The open and airy kitchen design with simple lines, black accents, an all-white kitchen, and a warm wooden floor helps to maximize the small kitchen area and looks gorgeous, light-flooded, and spacious. 

8.  Retro Modern

A black and white palette warmed up with gold accents, a retro style freestanding refrigerator, bare Edison bulb pendant lighting, and the traditional cabinetry offer you the streamlined modern retro kitchen of your dream. 


Whether you live in a townhouse, in an apartment, or with family in a large suburban home, a minimalist approach to designing your kitchen  with  paintings can help you to turn the overall style of your home into an organized, beautiful, and well-optimized space.