4 Reasons Why Summer is the Best Time for a Boiler Service


Most of us know that it is important to have the boiler in our homes regularly serviced.  Not only does this lengthen the lifespan of these devices but it can also spot potential problems before they lead to a breakdown or even the dreaded water leak.  But most people will book a service for their boiler in late autumn or early winter, when they start to require it.  There is, however, a strong case to have your boiler serviced in the summer – here’s why.

We use it more than we realise

There’s the temptation to think that the boiler is largely inactive during the summer because we don’t use the heating systems.  But one thing we do more of in the summer than in the winter is take showers – and that requires the boiler the heat the water.  In fact, a study of 2,000 people found that one in five said they were more likely to shower once a day in summer versus one in ten in winter.

This means that while the boiler may not be powering the heating, it is in action during the summer and means a service is a good idea.

Solves problems before winter comes

Have you ever turned on your heating in late autumn or early winter and nearly immediately experienced a breakdown?  This is because the system has been sitting largely inactive for several months and then is called into action.  However, if you get the boiler serviced before it is needed for full duties, there is much less a chance that there is a breakdown when you first start using it in winter.

Keeping costs down

Another reason that summer servicing can be a good idea is that less people do it – and this means that heating engineers can offer better deals on the cost of the process.  At peak times, when they are booked solid, they are understandably less inclined to offer deals, better pricing or throw in extras as part of the process.  But in summer, when their services aren’t required as much, there is a better chance for a good deal or a special offer.

Get the booking you want

Tied into this concept is the idea that you are more likely to get the booking you want in summer than in winter.  As heating engineers are less busy in the warmer months, you can arrange an appointment around your working schedule or other events.  During the winter months, with higher bookings and emergency call outs, you often find it is a ‘first come, first served’ system and you are fitted in where available.

While the sun is shining, heating systems aren’t at the forefront of our minds.  But there is a strong case for having the boiler serviced during the summer for these reasons and more.  That way you have a top condition heating system for when you need it and might even save yourself a bit of money in the process on one of the essentials of being a homeowner.

Declan Small is the Marketing Manager at Plumbmaster, specialist plumbing merchants with branches throughout Northern Ireland.