Сarpet cleaning: tips from professional cleaners

Сarpet cleaning: tips from professional cleaners

Maintaining cleanliness in the house is one of the primary tasks, the solution of which requires a thorough approach. Carpets are an integral part of the interior in any modern apartment. Care of products involves regular cleaning, especially with prolonged use. There are many ways to achieve the desired effect, after which the carpet becomes like new.

Causes of dirty carpets

Carpet for the floor contribute to the creation of a cozy atmosphere in every home. Their presence is especially necessary in families with small children. The use of rugs reduces the likelihood of hypothermia for kids, who will be much more comfortable playing on the floor and at the same time they will be less sick.

During operation, the appearance of floor coverings deteriorates noticeably due to the appearance of dirt on their surface, the causes of which can be completely different:

  • grease and oil stains;
  • stubborn food residues, starch;
  • traces of pets, in the form of wool, sand and other dry particles;
  • problematic sticky substances such as tar, tar, bitumen, glue, wax, plasticine residues;
  • stains from paint or other pigments, marks from felt-tip pens and ink;
  • rust, soot, blood stains, iodine, brilliant green, mold.

Causes of dirty carpets

Important! High-quality carpet cleaning, using properly selected disinfectants, allows you to clean the pile of the floor covering from any type of dirt, eliminate unpleasant odors and get rid of the accumulation of microbes.

In some cases, special chemical treatment is required to remove stubborn stains.

Basic rules of carpets caring

It is recommended that carpets be cleaned regularly. This is the only way to ensure impeccable cleanliness in the house and maintain it for a long time. In no case should pollution be ignored, because if the carpet is not cared for, a large amount of dust will begin to accumulate in it along with bacteria, dust mites can start to cause allergies.

You can prevent negative consequences by following simple rules:

  1. regular cleaning and cleaning;
  2. clean light coatings every week;
  3. the first step should be the elimination of debris, dust, pet hair;
  4. for washing, you should use high-quality, proven products;
  5. wet cleaning involves the mandatory removal of fresh stains, since it will be much more difficult to remove old stubborn dirt;
  6. the carpet after such processing must be dried – this will prevent the process of decay.

How to wash the carpet at home thoroughly and not provoke its deformation, during cleaning it is recommended to use only warm water, brushes that are not too hard and a carpet cleaner that does not require the use of a large amount of liquid when rinsing.

Note! The longer and softer the pile, the softer the brush should be. Products made from natural fibers are cleaned in the direction of the pile.

When treating stains, it is recommended to avoid abundant wetting with water. After washing them, the water should be removed with a clean towel. It is better to dry carpets in the open air.

Choosing a cleaning method depending on the characteristics of the carpet

The determining criterion when choosing a carpet cleaner, as well as determining the water temperature that it can withstand, is the material from which the product is made.

  • Synthetics are the most common, unpretentious and practical materials. Acrylic, viscose, jute, polypropylene, jacquard carpet has an attractive appearance, keeps its shape perfectly, does not fade and does not lose the brightness of colors. Most chemicals are suitable for cleaning synthetic products. If the base of the product is glued, then dry cleaning is ideal for it.
  • Wool – carpets made from natural materials are the most problematic and fastidious. They require careful and careful handling. To clean the woolen fabric, starch, soda, and soap solutions are used. When washing, it is forbidden to use bleach and salt, so when solving the problem of how to clean the carpet yourself, you should not take into service the first folk recipe that comes across. Wool rugs should not be dried under the bright sun. Silk and viscose are rather whimsical floor coverings, among which there are handicrafts. When cleaning them, rough mechanical impact, the use of brushes, chlorine-containing chemicals is unacceptable. Such products can be shaken and vacuumed. More thorough processing involves the use of dry cleaning.
  • Fur – natural fur rugs do not tolerate washing, they cannot be vacuumed and a universal carpet cleaner can not be used. You can shake off, clean the top of the wool with a brush.
  • Knitwear – dry cleaning only.

Another parameter that determines the type of cleaning is the length of the pile.

  • Short – the coating is processed faster and easier. Cleaning the carpet at home is not a problem. In most cases, it tolerates wet and dry cleaning well. You can use special products for cleaning rugs: sprays, shampoos, powder solvents.
  • Long – fluffy carpets require phased cleaning. Elimination of clogged particles of debris, dust, hair and animal hair is carried out by gently knocking out. Strong rubbing and vacuuming carpets at maximum power is undesirable because of the likelihood of damaging the base. Shaggy carpets are washed with special shampoos or treated with dust-repellent foam. Such products cannot be wetted abundantly, as it is problematic to dry, which increases the risk of unpleasant odors and mold.

Many housewives are wondering how to clean the carpet. Cleaning carpets at home is usually not difficult. This can be done with the help of special shampoos, foaming compounds, soaps. Dry cleaning will also help to refresh the carpet surface, the employees of which will be able to remove all the dirt at home.

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Basic rules of carpets caring

Tools and chemicals for carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning at home will be much more effective if you use special tools and tools for this.

For dry cleaning and refreshing the carpet surface, a regular vacuum cleaner is quite suitable. The unit has the ability to draw in debris and dust well, lifting the pile. Vacuuming the house is recommended twice a week, this will extend the life of the product and reduce the number of general cleanings.

Professional carpet care at home is possible through the use of a washing vacuum cleaner with special nozzles.

Important! You can disinfect the surface of the floor covering using a steam generator. Such cleaning involves not only removing minor contaminants, but also softening old stains that will be easier to remove.

When steam cleaning, care should be taken and the measure taken, as excessive moisture can adversely affect the appearance of the product and provoke a musty smell. A similar effect can be achieved using a steam mop.

Important! A product intended for cleaning carpets at home can be found in any specialized store. They are available in the form of foam sprays, shampoos, pastes, powders, gels, liquid detergents.

When buying detergents, it should be borne in mind that they contain chemicals, so when using them, you should strictly follow the rules prescribed in the instructions.

Professional carpet cleaning

What to do if you can’t clean the carpet at home with improvised means? Dry cleaning of carpets will allow you to quickly bring the product into proper condition, especially if you cannot wash the carpet yourself. Professionals will select the best tool and cope with the task in the shortest possible time. In specialized organizations, two types of cleaning are carried out – dry and wet, the choice of which is carried out taking into account the type of carpet and the level of pollution. The scheme of the procedure provides:

  • vacuum cleaning;
  • the use of stain removers;
  • cleaning using special equipment: rotary and excavator mechanisms;
  • surface conditioning;
  • pile laying;
  • drying.

Performing professional cleaning of carpets using universal compositions guarantees the absence of deformation of products and their shrinkage, the complete elimination of unpleasant odors, and high-quality processing of deep layers of pile. Services can be performed both in dry cleaning and at the customer’s home. Their cost is usually indicated in the price list. In case of damage by moths, dust mites or mold, a special agent with a disinfectant effect is used.

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