Things by which you can recognize a good office chair

The focus of an ergonomic office chairs singapore

One thing is clear: an ergonomic office chair is the most important thing for relaxed work in the office.  Other factors should not be ignored either, but we sit on the office chair every day – for hours.  An incorrect sitting posture can lead to considerable damage to health.  Chronic back problems up to herniated discs are not uncommon.  There are so many choices on the market on how best ergonomic office chair be like but if you keep these  things in mind, you are guaranteed to recognize a good ergonomic office chair.

Not every office chair that calls itself ergonomic is also ergonomically flawless and comfortable at the same time.  And only very few have what is known as 3D ergonomics.  A conventional office chair is even more likely to represent a lack of exercise – namely, it hardly allows any movement.  Conventional movement technologies such as the synchronous mechanism, the smart spring technology or the rocker mechanism allow maximum movement in two dimensions.  Regardless of the design of such a swivel chair, there are hours of rigid sitting.  Due to such a permanently incorrect sitting posture, there are often only a few professional years between the intensive use of a “normal” office chair and the first clear symptoms of illness.

An office chair

3D ergonomics means that the ergonomic swivel chair enables movement in three dimensions when sitting: forwards and backwards, to both sides and up and down.  Thanks to 3D ergonomics, such an ergonomic chair promotes intuitive human movements.  This property leads the body back to natural movement patterns – even when you are sitting.

Individual adjustment options are very important for a modern, ergonomic office chair.  Make sure that you can adjust the office chair not only in terms of seat height and body weight, but also to your individual need for movement.

Seat height

Sitting correctly means above all that you pay attention to the correct seat height.  It is ideal if there is an “open” angle between the thigh and lower leg when sitting (> 90 °).  To ensure healthy sitting, you also need to take the height of the workplace into account when adjusting the height of the office chair.  A good model is therefore continuously adjustable in height and the lever for height adjustment is easily accessible and easy to use. These considerations should be kept in mind before you buy a office chair.