All about kids table and chairs


Children stay active throughout the day and require many things for their leisure time and entertainment. A house should always be equipped with child-friendly furniture mainly kids table and chairs that have a creative print and interest them more. Besides, they should be safe for them to use and play with during the day and to carry out fun activities as well. They are available on several websites online and are of the best quality and value. There is a massive variety of designs and shapes of furniture online that can easily be seen, accessed and then finally decided by the customers.

About the product

The kids table and chairs include beautiful and highly functional furniture set mainly for kids sitting down on them and learning new things. The measurements of the table and chair are L56XD56XH51 and L25XD25XH58 respectively. The furniture set is inspired by a Nordic theme that is very simple and clean. Beautiful bedroom settings can be created by mismatching this set with other items and giving a new look to the room. Every product comes with a warranty of at least 6 months and is made in China. The stock is usually not ready and takes about 2 weeks of lead time to get delivered to the customer in Singapore. People who want to place overseas or international orders, can drop an email and enquire accordingly on the email address mentioned online.

Advantages of ordering online

As people order kids table and chairs online, they get the following benefits:

  • Free delivery: free delivery for all the orders based in Singapore above $1100 are offered along with a free installation in all the orders if stated
  • Lead time is noted: all the customized orders take about 2-3 months while the other products do not take more than 1-2 weeks
  • Constant WhatsApp support: for all kinds of sales enquiry, the customer can contact the team on WhatsApp for which the contact number is mentioned on the website
  • There is a return policy: the company willingly accepts all the exchange and return requests within 7 days of ordering the product, but it should be in the best condition
  • The payment method is secure: secure payments are done via PEV so that the customers can shop easily with a calm and relaxed mind

Besides, all the designs and ideas for the furniture are displayed on the website for the customers to have a look and get customized as per their requirements. The products are put on display along with images and reviews by other customers so that all the prospective buyers get an idea of what they are buying and are transparent with the company rules and ideals.

All kids should thus be given the best kids table and chairs to spend their day on and keep themselves entertained.