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Welcome to VacuumPal - Home of the Best Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are the essential appliances in today’s world. With so many chores at hand, it becomes super difficult for wives to manage their cleaning duties as well. So here we have a solution, Vacuum pal is the best store to look out for best vacuum cleaners with the latest technology. So, Welcome to VacuumPal – Home of the Best Vacuum Cleaners. Here you can get access to the widest variety of vacuum cleaners. Most common types of vacuum available on Vacuumpal includes –

So to get information about the best types of vacuum cleaners, welcome to Vacuum Pal, home of the best vacuum cleaners.

  • Standard Upright Vacuum cleaners

    – These are the most commonly used and powerful vacuum cleaners in the market. But they are usually large and occupy more space. A traditional upright cleaner can ensure that your carpet gets a good and deep cleaning. You can get a long list of accessories with these vacuums and also there are numerous settings available on the product which ensures high-end cleaning. Most of the upright vacuums have the ability to disable rotating brush which can work well on the laminate, lino or hardwood floors. Also, you can adjust the height of the vacuum cleaner to clean carpets of varying thickness without the need to bend yourself.

  • Canister vacuum cleaners

    – these cleaners have a tank with a hose attachment to it. You can get a wide array of accessories with these types of vacuum cleaners as well. But the variety of accessories differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. Most of the vacuum cleaners come with a brushed head and there is a motor which spins the brush at a good speed to clean up the debris on the carpet area. Hard floor attachments of canister vacuum cleaners enable cleaning of the flooring of hardwood, lino or laminate types. Some people may find pulling the canister with them while vacuuming large areas or houses. The weight of the tank can vary as per the brands and model.

Welcome to VacuumPal - Home of the Best Vacuum Cleaners

  • Robotic vacuum cleaners

    – These are the latest technology in the vacuum industry and require no human interaction. They can vacuum well under the furniture area or table. With high-end sensors, it can detect obstacles and vacuum precisely around them. But they are relatively small and may require being charged several times with less battery backup. Some vacuum cleaners may get clogged with large debris and a hair which means it may require emptying quite often.

Handheld vacuum cleaners –

These are mostly used in homes as a secondary vacuum cleaner for quick cleaning of small and corner areas where the bigger cord cannot go. They are quick to operate and small and compact to store. It can also be used to vacuum small areas of the car. But these cannot be used for larger areas.