A Full Guide To Legionella Risk Assessment And How It Helps

Legionella risk assessment

There is a lot of maintenance work that one has to be done to keep everything going smoothly. You have to work on the electric and water fittings, keep the temperature control systems in crisp condition, and you have plenty of other tasks. One of the most significant tasks is to keep your water storage tanks clean and hygienic.

Water is an essential utility in every household as life can come to a standstill without it. You need water to drink and perform daily chores, and it should essentially be clean and safe for consumption. Many water-borne diseases spread if your storage tanks are not clean. Unclean storage tanks are also why people opt for regular Legionella risk assessment, ensuring no harmful bacteria are emerging in the tanks.

Tips For Keeping Your Water Storage Tanks Clean

Let us discuss the expert tips to keep the water storage tanks clean and free from harmful bacteria that cause legionnaires.

Regular Cleaning

Like your home, your water storage tank and the pipes also need regular cleaning. Make it a point to scrub the tanks every few days and clean the water outlet pipes. Moreover, focus on cleaning the shower heads and taps to ensure every water source is clean and free from bacteria.

Drain Out Water

Make it a point to drain all the water after a few months and dry out the pipes, tanks and water bodies thoroughly. It will help ensure there are no water-borne bacteria breading in them. If possible, try to sun-dry the tanks or use some heat to dry them out thoroughly.


Sanitation is essential to kill harmful bacteria and viruses. So, keep the disinfectant or a proper bleaching agent at home that you can put in the water tanks to kill the unwanted elements from it. You can find the sanitation agents from the market and use them regularly to keep the water bodies clean.

Expert Assessment

One of the best things to ensure the cleanliness of the water bodies at your home is to book a professional Legionella risk assessment. There are the teams that come equipped with the necessary tools and commodities to clean your water tanks and pipes. Moreover, they have hands-on experience of the task and can schedule regular assessments, ensuring you always stay safe from water-borne diseases.

These are the simple tips that you can use to keep your domestic water tanks clean and hygienic. Understand that it is essential to pay attention to cleanliness as water-borne diseases can even get fatal sometimes. If you specifically talk about Legionnaires, there is no treatment for this disease and the pneumonia-like symptoms it gives can make you a lot uncomfortable. So, take the necessary steps and keep your water tanks clean and hygienic.