What are Fitted Carpets and why are they so Popular?


A fitted carpet is a carpet that has been attached to the floor of a room and is used in places such as homes, offices and public places. They can come in a wide range of styles and designs and can be fitted to the floor in a number of ways. After a professional fitting, the carpet will provide stability and comfort when properly fitted.

The size and shape of a fitted carpet will naturally depend on the dimensions of the room or space that is being carpeted. This is commonly referred to by the term wall-to-wall carpeting. Various other fitted carpets can also be employed to provide carpeting for a specific route, such as a red carpet as you see in a cinema,or a carpet for a particular area such as you find in the seating area of a hotel reception or lobby. In many of these cases, the carpeting does not cover the whole floor.

Underlays and Cutting

The fitted wall-to-wall carpet will need something called an underlay; this is certainly the case if the fitted carpet is going to be covering a wooden floor. At first the floor has to be swept clean and then before either the underlay or the carpet is put into place, gripper or tack strips are nailed around the edges of the room. A carpet tack strip is a rectangular strip or rod containing tacks that are attached to the carpet and the underlay being placed over them.For experts in fitted carpets in Brighton, use renowned and reputable professionals.

The underlay is then fitted over the area where the carpet will be placed. Underlays are trimmed to size and joined together using strong carpet tape and once in place, the actual carpet is then unrolled in strips and cut to size. Where two rolls of carpet meet, sticky carpet tape is applied to the whole length of the underside of both panels so that they can joinsnugly together. These kind of seams and joins tend are usually placed in areas of low pedestrian traffic if possible.

Safer for Homes and Offices

By installing a fitted carpet in a home or office it will become safer because of a big reduction in carpet movement across the surface upon which it has been fitted. With an unfitted carpet, any movement and loss of stability will mean that anybody walking on the carpet can be liable to slip, as the carpet can slide on the floor. Loose carpets can also get rucked, which then forms ridges, which can trip people up and cause an accident.

Perfectly fitted carpets will provide a number of benefits to homeowners and offices. First, they contribute a high level of comfort when walking around where they are fitted and secondly, they help keep a room warm and assist in a reduction in heating bills. And also, third, they help in reducing noise! Get yours fitted today and notice the difference!