Perfect ways to work on your stained carpet


 A stained carpet is not pleasing to the eyes. The stains may be from oils, greases, ink from markers, and much more domestic matters that spill accidentally. Even if the carpet is clean, the spot or stain in it makes it look undone. Therefore, it is important to know how you can remove the stains on the carpet while doing the cleaning. Nothing is as satisfying as leaving your carpet spotlessly clean. The article, therefore, outlines the complete step by step methods of removing stains while doing the carpet cleaning San Antonio.


The first thing to do while cleaning to remove any spot is to carry out the absorption. Here you start by removing the spill or the ink writings using a clean cloth, preferably a towel. If possible, use the one-color cloth or towel. Plain color cloth ensures the spill does not spread out on the carpet. At this point, be keen to make sure you don’t scrub your carpet to prevent more damage on the mat.

Carry out vacuuming 

Here you carry out the process when the carpet is still damp. Specific stains require specific cleaning agents. You should, therefore, be keen to follow the instructions of the cleaning product. You should mix the products accordingly to get sparkling results.


Apply the solution to the spot 

Immediately after mixing the right solution, pour the solution to the clean white cloth. Make sure you rub off the stain with the material or towel until the stain transfers to the cloth. Rinse the area after the spot is completely removed. You can use hot water to rinse the place. Ensure you don’t leave any residue on the carpet to avoid making other parts dirty during the carpet cleaning San Antonio

Removing fats, oils, and wax

When you are removing spots and stains of oils, fats, or wax, there is a different method. You can place the iron on the damp part of the towel. Ensure the part remains damp until the stain is completely removed and sticks on the iron. However, to remove wax and gums from the carpet surface is somehow challenging. The activity is, however, easy now if the proper process is followed. You need to freeze the wax in the spot, and then shatter it into pieces. Using hot water, vacuum the spot until the place remains spotless.


The above ways outline the steps and processes that are easy to carry out. Following the steps makes the task of removing the stains from the carpets easy. However, precautionary measures should be taken to avoid using the wrong cleaning products. Therefore, before applying any cleaning product, ensure you have identified the stain type. Using continuous practice, you can effectively and professionally remove stains from your carpet.